… in a day or two.

As my brain and body gets adjusted to pacific time, figuring out how to cure a bad case of fanny fatigue, catching up on chores and (enjoy) eating three meals trying to make sense of the flurry of these last two weeks.  Not to mention still wading through the tons of emails received while we were away – not very helpful for the fanny fatigue I am afraid.

Thanks for the warm welcome back!  It’s good to be back (I think *smile*) and sharing with you.   Though I  admit I was happy to be away from a computer for the time being but that’s another story.

I will try to get you caught up with the “other” happenings so then I can get back to life here on the urban homestead – and there’s lots to share from that perspective too.

From your comments, I see many of you were shocked to hear that we got sick.  Me too!  I really think it had to do with the stress which weakened our immune system or this whatever it was flu was just a bugger.   But we battled through it with an arsenal of herbs, lemons, oranges and vitamins.  From what I hear from others who had it we had a pretty mild cause but it still disrupted life here on the urban homestead for awhile.

The weekend of March 13-15 was a busy one for us.  Not only were we just getting over being sick because by that time we realized that we ALL were going to Atlanta (good thing we did, well, that comes later)

Family poses for pictures on the green carpet (looking tired, since just recovering from the flu bug)

On stage

Talking with Deborah Koons Garcia (filmmaker of the Future of Food)

Chatting with fellow filmmakers

The Green Apple Award

I chat about whatever…

Round chair discussion

Jordanne hangs out with the girls (note all cups, plates, etc are made from sugarcane and are compostable)

Justin chats and shows off his awesome smile

Ok, trying not to get sidetracked here, back to March 13-15.   Homegrown Revolution was shown at the Green Lifestyle Film Festival. On Friday was the trailer premiers of the film with a walk down the “green carpet.”  One of the keynote speakers that evening was Howard Lyman aka Mad Cowboy.   Having been vegetarian for over 20 years and even though we all knew most of what he said it still comes as a shock to realize what the meat industry gets away with.

We all mentioned that we felt sort of out of place at this film festival since many were whose job was to make a living making films.  Whereas our little “film” (if you can even call it that) just happened….

Then on Saturday afternoon our little homemade film was screened to an enthusiastic audience.   That night we had our monthly ‘Saturday Social’ where we invited friends and sometimes other guest to join us for food, fun, fellowship and sometimes even music!

Sunday evening was the Green Lifestyle Film Festival Gala dinner that included many guest speakers.  One of which was Deborah Koons Garcia filmmaker of the revolutionary documentary THE FUTURE OF FOOD.  We had the pleasure of meeting Deborah and screening her film when it first came out back in 2005.  Jordanne and I went to introduce ourselves and she remembers coming down to “the little farm” in the summer of 2005.   We chatted a bit about what her film has done in raising awareness of the gmo dangers and how this film really exposed Monsanto and their dirty doings.   She also chatted about her new film (in the works)   Of course, I told her that PTF would definitely be interested in screening her new documentary and she was pleased to hear that.

Late that evening our family was presented with the Green Lifestyle Film Festival 2009 Green Apple Award for Outstanding Contribution to a Sustainable Lifestyle.’

After that busy weekend we had two days to pack and get ready for our road trip to Atlanta. Not to mention work on the power point presentation for the 4 hour long ‘urban homesteading’ workshop which was delayed because of sickness and a busy schedule.  That and more coming soon.

Right now I have an urge to get off this chair and enjoy the lovely spring like weather….


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    Family on green carpet = great pic!

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    I sure missed you guys. I was worried something happened to you. A bad case of the flu is “something happening,” but I’m glad it wasn’t anything worse.

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