:: RADIO INTERVIEW:: KDHX 88.1 St Louis. MO 7:30PM (Central Time)Topic A with Amanda Doyle

:: TOPIC :: “The Family Business: How the Personal Gives Purpose,” about families with some specific tradition or galvanizing experience behind the direction that its generations pursue

Possible discussions on:

*a description of your homestead
*a bit of the “evolution,” from personal attempts at independence and sustainability to this bigger thing it’s become *how you balance needs/requirements of family and such an interdependent relationship with each person’s need for independence *what you see the “path to freedom” as: freedom from something, or to something? or a bit of both?
*the creative tension that must exist between being homesteaders and being a “phenomenon” of homesteaders: (I just watched the Homegrown film), so a bit about the need to garden versus the need to update the blog and things like that *the kinds of conversations your family has about the future, when maybe not every current contributing member will want to remain at the property in the same arrangement as now.


  1. Erik in Minnesota says:

    hey great show. i checked out your weblog just in time to catch your interview. it was wonderful to listen to while a sat around my dining room carving a spoon.

  2. Larry says:

    How about a copy of the transcript for those of us that missed it?

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