Jules couldn’t pass up a chance to buy some low chill blueberries for a reasonable price at a local nursery. The blueberries that we have already aren’t doing too well even though they have been give hefty doses of caffeine (coffee grounds).  We are going to put the new ones in another spot, perhaps that should help. We all have placed bets on how long the new blueberries will last looking full and lush — “just bought from the nursery look.”


The extreme heat that we experienced over the weekend really took a toll on some of the fruit trees – the peaches, citrus and avocado have dropped quite a few fruit. I guess it’s natures way of culling. It’s still sad to see the tiny immature fruit scattered underneath the trees.On a more positive note, we harvested some more yummy taters. We steamed ’em, drizzled olive oil and sprinkled fresh rosemary on top. The potatoes seem to really like the rock dust “dusting” they were given a few months back because they really perked up (and was it my imagination, or did they taste better?)!