guavas.jpg Guava’s are ripe!

Finally the guavas are ready for the picking. Justin brought a couple pounds in the other day and they just permeated the entire house with their delicious tropical scent.

What a wonderful treat to have such fruit growing in late winter, early spring.


  1. EmilyB says:

    How wonderful your guavas look, is the crop doing well this year?
    Most amusing, Yesterday whilist picking up my brother from school I discovered a tree full of pineapple guavas on the footpath.
    Yummy, they are not yet ripe but I think we picked up close to 5kg of them. (They had fallen from the tree to the footpath)
    What will you do with yours? I am hoping to make jam, I just need to find a decent recipe, can you steer me in the right direction.
    Also I find it strange that you are harvesting your tree whilst we, on the other side of the world, (well just about we are in Australia) are harvesting our guarvas too!?

    Have a wonderful time feasting on the guavas, we will.

  2. Amy says:

    You know, I just realised I’ve never tasted a guava!

    Right now I’m very excited that my rhubarb is putting up shoots – that will be the first thing we are able to “harvest”.

  3. Talithia says:

    Wow I love Guava paste on crackers, but have never seen the real thing. I am going to research and see if they grow in Florida (central) I would love a tree…..

  4. Anais says:

    Hello EmilyB

    The guavas aren’t producing as abundantly as other years. Still recovering from last winter’s deep freeze.

    Here’s some links to guava recipes


    this is one of my favorite site since it has recipes for lots of unusual fruits

    Yes, I too find it very interesting and odd that we were are enjoying guavas in late winter early spring and you the complete opposite!


  5. Anais says:


    Guavas are easily grown in Flordia.

    Some resources

    Hope these help

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