Training and playing with Jordanne

Thursday evening, after work, it was time to put the harnesses on the goats to get them used to it. So far so good. They didn’t mind the harnesses at all.   When friends showed up that evening, the goats were very well behaved, sitting in the lady’s lap being all cute and lovable.


The weather is still cool requiring one to wear a flannel or light jacket in the morning and evening. Today, there seems to be a bit of moisture in the morning air and there is significant chance of rain!   A typical La Nina pattern happening so far this year.
Although we love the rain, we hope it holds off long enough this evening for the film screening and potluck since it’s held semi-outdoors.   Otherwise, it’s going to be an interesting and wet evening.


There are blueberries to harvest this week, a few ripe blackberries were spotted and the strawberries are loaded with fruit – it’s a berry good time of year!

The fluctuating weather has brought fruit drop especially on the avocados.
Lots to do today, sorry for the short post. More later.

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  1. claire says:

    the goatlings look just lovely, give them a hug from me! and one for all of you too, you are working so hard and your time and this site is so appreciated!!!

  2. Wildside says:

    A hug from me as well. Thanks for sharing more of your goats! They sure look like cute characters!

    BTW, I’m having trouble with e-neighbors (I often crash out so decided may be best not to visit); no trouble with posting, but perhaps I’ve reached my limit with posts there! (& lots to do here anyway…)

  3. emily says:

    Glad to see the girls settling in! They look so cute in their harnesses. You might consider Delta Society for them.

  4. Anais says:

    Hi Emily

    Nice of you to drop us a line. Hope your moving is going smoothly? I hope you have found good homes for all the remaining animals. {Is the rabbit still available?}

    Jordanne is looking into joining a few societies so thanks for the tip.


  5. Anais says:

    Hi Wildside

    Thank you for your hugs! 🙂 They are certainly cute and crazy characters.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles with the E-Neighborhood. I will have Jordanne look to see what could be the problem. Thank you for alerting us to this, we are sorry for the inconvenience.


  6. emily says:

    We still have two boy bunnies that will make the trip to Canada with us, unless someone wants to keep them in SoCal.