Step One

One of our reader’s had a great suggestion (which we got a real kick out of btw) when he emailed:

“Nice to see the article about you guys in the Times. I’m going to feed it to our worms! :)”

How cool is that? What a great suggestion for making practical use of such printed material. It’s all about taking baby pro-active steps. Way to go! I can just hear the worms happily munching away… yum, yum.

Oh, and if you don’t have a composter to feed theLA Times article to, you can get onehere. 😉

NEW E-Newsletter

We are excited to announce our latest e-newsletter –TRACKS. The e-newsletters will keep readers posted about latest gatherings, relevant news, latest sustainable goods, and current tracks happening at the urban homestead.   Even though we are on a winter “break,” this doesn’t mean we are curling up with a book by the wood stove (tempting).

Hardly so.  In fact it’s just the opposite, we each are working from night to night (up at 5 am & retiring at 10 pm) in a frenzied pace tackling new sustainable project while trying to save the garden/plants from one of the worst freezes we had in years.

A special “thanks” to those who took time to donate (rememberyour donations are tax deductible now) this month – reaching almost 10% of what is needed to keep this site going and growing for another year. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and with such support we are able to do more – you are helping us help you and others.

We have purchased new software (yourdonations at work!) so that you will be in control and can edit your subscription, change your e-mail, or unsubscribe all with a few clicks of a mouse.

We hope you enjoy reading and receiving this newsletter. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we work on developingTRACKS.

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:: FYI :: this latest newsletter is NOT a replacement to the once popular ‘THE PATH’ which we operated from 2001-2004 (and which is and will remain for the time being in hibernation until further notice). Instead this newsletter is an expansion and revision to the e-calendar notifications that we’ve been sending out; however, nowTRACKS folks all over the world, not just locally, will be able to receive notifications and updates from PTF.


Since its humble beginnings online in late 2000-2001, Path to Freedom has been influential in the forefront of the modern urban homesteading and pioneer movement, and it’s amazing that after seven years finally to see the urban homestead movement gaining in popularity (not to mention widely imitated) and gain such media coverage.

The ripple affects are still being felt from the LA Times article. On Friday, we had to turn down a reporter from the local CBS station who was in Old Towne Pasadena. She called from the news van and wanted to come by right away, “within 5 minutes” she said.

Unfortunately, we were just on our way out to run errands and some of us were working on some major cleanup of the cellar (getting ready for the GREYWATER OPERATION!) – wood, pots, and everything else were piled in the driveway and backyard patio, not to mention that the garden was in a state of disarray as the freeze clean up was in full swing – blue tarps, cuttings littered the pathways – it was a mess. With a viable, working (not a showcase) urban homestead, one can’t just drop everything on the spur of the moment and have everything “camera ready” – well, especially not at this crazy time of year and with all that’s going on project wise. Oh well.   We also received calls from other media outlets and will keep our readers posted on these developments if they should come to fruition.  

Not to mention, we are still catching up with the large number of e-mails since the LA Times piece last week (positive e-mails are still pouring every day) so posting will be erratic to say the least. We hope to resume “normal” “urban homestead topics” in a few days time. Thanks for your patience.


It’s not very wise to “count chickens before they hatch,” but we just wanted to let our readers know that there are whispers of the word “film” being mentioned by a local film producer. As usual with all such “seed-stage projects” we’ll keep our readers posted of any “growing” developments. Like I said, right now it’s just whispers…. 😉

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  1. kristin says:

    Hi there!! I love getting your newsletter in my inbox… when it arrives, I literally sit and pour over it taking in all of the green ideas (and i love that its a tree-friendly way to get info!) … however – I tried to sign up for Tracks, and couldnt for some reason… it said my email already exists or something like that? anyhow – any help you could spare in that direction would be wonderful – I would hate to miss out on Tracks! Thank you!