Well, these towers ain’t leaning that’s for sure, but can you believe these peas are the Dwarf Gray Sugar Snow Peas that grow to the height of 3 feet!  No kidding!

Yeah, what’s with that?  Farmer Justin’s magic, green thumb, improved soil conditions, the rains, stars?  Whatever it is these peas sure aren’t dwarf.

The Towers of Peasa  Farmer Justin picks peas from a ladder.

Grow yer own!

Seed Source: Variety: Dwarf Gray Sugar Snow Peas

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  1. deborah says:

    Do you put up any of these peas? and if so, how? Snap peas and pea pods are my husbands favorite vegetable, so I’ve tried freezing my own garden’s bounty many times over the years. But results are pretty poor. The frozen pea pods and snap peas have a rubbery texture that neither of us like. It’s a shame because our growing season in Northern Minnesota is so short that (unless I learn how to put them by in a more satisfactory way) we can only enjoy them about 3 months of the year.

  2. Laura says:

    Most of our snow peas never made it out of the garden last year but I was just happy to see the kids enjoying something green and healthy as much as they were. We planted 29 square feet of them last spring and are thinking of planting more this year. I would also be interested in hearing if you put any of these up and how…just incase I get the opportunity this year.

  3. Cygnus says:

    With 9′ dwarfs, be careful about growing giant varieties! I don’t think ladders are made that large HA!!!

    Very nice. I hope, in the years to come, the humble start I’ve labored at on this new abode will become an ‘edible estate’, as your land certainly is.



  4. Audra says:

    My Dwarf Grey peas did the same thing last year! They grew up and over their cages, and then all over each other and everything else. They just went absolutely crazy!
    I also have a hard time putting mine up. I have been freezing ours, but the texture is just really weird. Any tips?

  5. kitsapFG says:

    Those are some happy peas! LOL! If that is dwarf… I would almost be afraid to see their regular sized version. 😉

  6. Empire Victory Garden says:

    I’ve been looking for a pea to plant in the new garden. I will also look on

    Did I see something about a “dvd giveaway”?? How do I enter?!?


  7. Margy Porter says:

    I have made pickled snap peas and they were quite good. I think the recipe was in “The Joy of Pickling”. I also have had poor luck with freezing snap peas- blanching does help.

  8. Michelle (GardeningMichelle) says:

    So tell me how these pea boxes are set up. What size are they, I’m assuming 4′ by 8′? I did a tiny 8 foot row last year and didn’t get much yield. My kids are begging for more. Thanks!!!!

  9. Janice says:

    Wow! Those are some peas! My British Wonder Peas (from FREEDOM SEEDS) did well, but not THAT well! It’s started growing powdery mildew just recently. Maybe too much wet feet?

  10. BYE BYE PEAS | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] grow 3 feet high but topped 9 feet high instead?  The peas we joking referred to as our “Tower of Peasa!“  Here’s a pic of Jordanne picking peas from a […]

  11. Missy in NEPA says:

    I have been flash freezing mine for 3 years now. (just like raspberries and strawberries) They stay firm and fresh.
    BTW- great peas!

  12. Seannon says:

    Deborah, have you tried blanching before you freeze the peas? I’ve noticed that helps ours go from rubbery and gross to OK. It’s not perfect, but it helps.

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