Growing on up... 10 feet and growing!

Tomatoes are the king of the garden come summer.   In just a few weeks they can tower over their counterparts, creating a jungle right in the middle of the city!   When you are out there in the summer garden, you feel quite small, almost like you’ve been transported to a whole ‘nother world.

Trellis systems, either with wood, string, or wire, are necessary to keep these giants from toppling over.

For my tomatoes, I am using wire/metal cages but had to add another layer after they topped 10 feet!  Lucky I had these wooden a-frame ones on hand that we built a few years back.   Now if the tomatoes grow beyond that, um, guess I am going to have to top them!

What trellising methods do you favor?

Now, if these giants would produce a bumper harvest, then I will be one happy guy – not to mention my sister, too!   She’s been anxiously waiting the onslaught of summer crops so she can start putting up.

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Anais, here.  Aren’t those tomatoes just gorgeous?   Yeah, yeah, Justin is right.  I am a bit impatient!   Though we are harvesting and eating fresh tomatoes, I can’t wait until I can get enough to start canning.    Anyhow, sorry about the lack of postings but it  appears our website(s) were (again) under a denial of service attack.  It’s hard to post any updates when these attacks happen! One day I will get through the backlog of urban homesteading blog posts.


  1. Dan Langhoff says:

    I use concrete reinforcement wire made into circular cages. These cages have a 6″ spacing between wires. When my tomatoes get to the top of the first cage, I just wire another one on top. Some of my tomatoes are reaching skyward over 7 feet tall so far!

  2. elaine nieves says:

    Those tomatoes look like Jack’s beanstalk. They just keep growing and growing! Hopefully you will have a bumper crop this year. Hope your computer problem gets resolved. Sure miss not seeing your postings on a regular basis. Good luck!

  3. Lesa says:

    I just use the traditional tomato cages from the hardware store. I live near Chicago, and yesterdays powerful storm has my whole garden with a new slant, but the tomatoes are doing fine. I have already eaten a few grape tomatoes.

  4. Thy Hand says:

    Wow! Your tomato plants are amazing!! This is so funny that you should post about this today. This morning, I posted about our newest venture in supporting tomatoes- the Florida Weave. So far, we’re very pleased with it. Here’s more of what I said about it and some pictures to give you a better idea of what it’s about (although I imagine you garden geniuses know all about it:-))…

  5. Annette @ CoMo Homestead says:

    We use cattle panel, cut into 8′ sheets. We support it vertically with 2x2s on each side placed into PVC sleeves in the holes in the blocks that make up our raised beds.

  6. Lori from PA says:

    “When you are out there in the summer garden, you feel quite small, almost like you’ve been transported to a whole ‘nother world.”

    Yes, you could almost get lost in the tall crops.

    My favorite thing is getting used to being surrounded by the tall vegies during summer, and then seeing them come down as the harvest takes place and the weather begins to cool off. You can really feel the turning of the year then. One kind of joy turns into another one.


  7. Mitzy says:

    As for the DOS attacks: You mean some people don’t want this message out like the government or is it “small” people who can’t stand your success? In either case, it is a good sign that you are doing something right but I am sorry that it is happening to you.

  8. Jeni Vandall says:

    My tomatoes are growing upwards of 7 feet right now! We use t-post (first time this year) to tie the main “trunk” up then regular tomato cages we get from the feed store:) we have our first green zebra’s coming on and I have to admit I can not wait to try them!….I usually hate tomatoes, but love to cook, can and everything else with them (weird I know) this year though I am diving in and trying them fresh:)

    I was wondering if your websites got hacked (miss your posts). I saw Jordanne post something on FB about it. I’m sorry:( hackers suck!

  9. Merewether Gardener says:

    Love how the towers are so tall – can actually imagine just reaching out and around to get a couple of tomatoes each afternoon. Makes for easy planting instead of having the plants spreading all over the place!

  10. Kiley Lenstrom says:

    I have my sweeties on strings, but the crop this so far has been poop. Blossom drop has become a real issue. 🙁

  11. T. Adams says:

    I really like your ladder type trellis extensions. Last year I had serious trouble with my Gilberties growing 10 feet tall. In the end I resorted to propping the tops with long notched branches. This year I built a 10′ tall overhead trellis with electrical conduit and strapping anchored right to the gardenbox. The suspension string is doing it’s job, so far so good. Confidence is high for success with this trellis!

  12. Diggity Dog says:

    I tried to standard round cages from the hardware store but my plants always toppled them so this year I found some square tomato cages that are made from a much heavier gauge wire. Another nice thing about them is that they fold flat, so when I store them this winter they won’t take up as much space as the round cages.

    That said, these cages would never support a 10′ vine. If I was only lucky enough to grow tomatoes that dog gone big!

  13. Rita says:

    I like your tomato trellis. I have long wanted some stronger tomato supports as the large cages that I have always seem to tip over before the end of summer. I will have to make some of these.

    This may be posted on your site somewhere, but I am wondering if you fertilize your tomatoes. If you do, with what? Also, do you amend the soil every year and with what and how? If that is posted somewhere, I may find that, but if it is on your site, I’m not sure where.

  14. jessie says:

    I have the round cages from OSH, they toppled over last year so this year i drove a stake into the ground next to them. However, plants are still outgrowing there cages. Your trellis looks like a good idea. I was wondering, do you prune your plants? As always great blogging
    Eager So. Cal. Learner

  15. Frank says:

    Used just cut bamboo this year and built scaffolding but it seemed to have deposited a dirty film on my plants, it does wash off the fruit. I may go with a determiment type plant next year too.

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