– we have a cellar! Could our plumbing and greywater project be not far behind?   Since we cleaned out the garage a few years back and turned it into a community gathering place for workshops, film screenings etc we had to put our collection (we hate throwing things away and love road side salvage) of scrap wood, black pots, bikes, shelves, metal, etc., somewhere and down it went into the cellar.

As the urban homestead continues to grow we need more room for homesteading activities/projects. Room for greywater and food storage.  The cellar would be an ideal situation to have shelves filled with homemade wine, ginger ale, sprouts, jams, etc.
– more about water footprint calculation. Although, an elementary calculations, I had a hard time figuring out how many pounds of grain and diary products per person also watering the lawn/garden was another somewhat broad question so I put in a higher number because I would say ~90% of our water usage goes toward watering the edible garden and landscaping.
– coming up roses. Making rose petal syrup

:: Breaking News ::

overnight we have MOVED to another property! Yes indeedy, but it’s not what you think. We haven’t moved an inch but the whole entire property (back and even front yard) has changed due to a couple cuts with a chainsaw to a couple of the towering 70 foot trees that grew in our neighbors yard..

We are scrambling to adjust, especially now that it’s summer and the sun is scorching places that haven’t seen the sun in the afternoon for about a decade. Just when we thought we got the hang of what to plant where on the property a drastic change like this is sending us back to the drawing board.   Back in them days when we first started gardening on the northwest side (oh, 18 years ago or so) of the house we actually grew corn and tomatoes and now we can do it again.   This also means we’ll have to build more passive cooling trellises alongside the south side of the house.   We may even consider moving a few fruit trees to shade the house.  

One of sources of income that will be affected by this change is our 100′ long nasturtium fence line which was shaded by the tree when the sun was at it’s hottest. It’ll be only days till the poor things fry under the intense sun.   One possibility is trying to erect so some of shade with shade cloth . No matter what, our flower business will take a hit. We are now hoping that with more sunlight, the tomato crop will be a very good one.
Funny, how just when we think we’ve got the hang of our property there’s a little bump or detour to get you going down another path.
– community in crisis, news that affects us and our community.   Living in racially mixed NW Pasadena for over 20 years now, we’ve never seengang violence this bad and so close to home. Two of the deaths occurred within 1 block, another two or so within 1/2 mile of our home. Sad and tragic.
– remedy for brain cramps? Don’t you hate it when you have so many things that you make silly mistakes. URGH.
– the doors. Forgot to mention that a month or so ago we installed some new “garage” doors.   Since we’ve never used the garage to park the car, instead it’s our workshop area, Jules came up with a nifty plan to use 4 doors instead of 1. Sure beats what we had there before and they are so versatile.
– ‘maters. So far, not to count the tomatoes before they ripen, they look better than last year’s disappointment. The massive plants are nearly 8’ tall and have a lot of fruit and blossoms.
– lemon cucumbers. It is simply amazing what a difference a new year and new seeds make – Justin believes last year’s lemon cuke failure was due in part to bad seeds from a heirloom seed company . Again, not to count our cukes before they are ready, the plants look good and one bed has a lot of little fruit on the vines – potentially more lbs than we harvested ALL of last year from 3 or 4 beds.
– to do, to do. Time for another batch of homemade soap, herbal vinegars, bottling kombucha, add new items tostore


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  1. Steve Balogh says:

    I grew lemon cukes from last year. (They were a freebie with my large seed order…)

    Man they were good. Interesting and sweet cucumber flavor. Highly recommended.

  2. GP says:

    i hear you… when we remodeled our B&B it was an ongoing gig. We are so blessed though to have a greenhouse, so we can “experiment”

    gp in montana

  3. herbfever says:

    Would you share your rose syrup recipe?