One night when I went to lock in the chickens/ducks  by habit I always count; however this time, I counted one chicken short.

Oh dear, did we lose one? Where on earth could she be?

I grabbed a flashlight to look around but she was not in the animal compound nor in the goat pen (where sometimes she likes to hide out) alas I found her in high up in hen house roosting in the egg baskets that hangs from hooks on the coop ceiling!

I know how chickens love to fly into high roosts but this was rather formidable  feat since I can’t figure how she got INTO the basket!

Silly chicken, gave me quite the scare.  Now you know why her nick name is “Lucie Goosey”  What a GOOSE!

What silly chicken  antics do your hens treat you to?  Are you entertained or flabbergasted – or both!


  1. Nancy R says:

    What kind of chicken is she? She is very pretty. My 4 are still young. They crack me up, because they love to stare at me; like, what kind of creature do you think she is? I love my girls.

    Nancy R

  2. Yochannah says:

    One of my favorite stories: We were busy cleaning one friday last summer, and didnt notice that my favorite girl- Annabelle- had snuck into the “shady” house. I was sweeping the living room, came around the corner of the couch with the broom, and Annabelle bristled up fat and sassy and attacked the broom!
    Seeing me, she ran to my feet, placed herself between me and the broom and began charging the broom. I tried so hard to contain my laughter(i failed) that my sides hurt. I gently lowered the broom to the floor(to free my hands) and Annabelle pounced on it- kicking, scratching and cackling. I slowly eased down and picked her up- telling her what a good girl she was, and telling her “I think its dead now darlin’.” I smoothed and stroked her pretty feathers, rubbed her head, and told her she was wonderful, while taking her out the back door, and putting her with “her man”(big red- the big red rooster.) She strutted and cackled and pranced- telling him, and the other girls and boys, all about her adventure.
    I went back to finish sweeping; my broom wasnt as pretty as it was before. *lol~ I snapped off the mangled, irreparable bristles, and smoothed the rest back in place. Sweeping saw me leaving bits of broom in my wake. Bending over picking up bits of broom debris, from a broom that was supposed to be riding my floor of debris, was getting frustrating. About the fourth trip bending to the floor, something caught my eye.
    There, on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf by the front door, was a singular, perfect, egg.
    Well, apparently, Annabelle decided that was HER SPOT to lay eggs on fridays.Each friday for 6 weeks we would find an egg there- sometimes an Annabelle, too.
    I finally had to keep the door closed to keep her off the shelf.(one friday night she came walking across the livingroom, paused, and left a package that Wasnt an egg in the middle of the floor, while we were praying!- (you should have seen the kids trying to catch her…lol!) We’d forgotten to make sure she was outside!–that’s when husband decided that Wasnt Annabelle’s spot anymore.)
    No worries, though; Annabelle found a new spot outside-under the porch. *lol~

  3. sunny says:

    I grew up around animals, on farms, and in restaurants. Personally have never had the opportunity to have my own chickens or garden, until my boyfriend and I bought a lil fixer upper house. As of 2 weeks ago we are chick owners, 6 hens. My grandfather always had a chicken or a few bt you never see the silly almost dog and or human things they do till they are your own! They are already making me laugh… Im so exited 🙂

  4. jenna says:

    What would you advise some one start with when looking to urban homestead too? I am just nervous to get the goat and chickens and find out I have to give them up because of some city ordinance or law. We keep a year round garden and preserve our own foods Organicly I guess its the animals that are missing link but I have hesitation. What would you advise to file or declair first or just go for it?

  5. Rhonda says:

    Last Summer we had one rooster and two hens. One of my hens came up missing and we searched everywhere for her. We gave up finding her. We thought something had killed her. However around a month later Mike heard something at our front door, It was our Red Hen, clucking. She ran to the old tractor tire where we have flowers in the front yard. She had 14 baby chicks and couldn’t get them out! (She was deep in the tire) We helped her get them out and put her and babies in pen. She wanted our help. Chickens are so much fun.. I love them!

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