It’s been awhile but with the holiday’s coming up I figured it was a good time as any to remind our readers how they can keep dispatches coming from the urban homestead via Little Homestead in the City (which is still by far the best, oldest and most comprehensive site/blog on urban homesteading if I may say so myself!)

I mean, over your morning cuppa, you wouldn’t want to miss luscious garden photos, lip smacking meals or read about the crazy antics of our critters.  Not to mention some super cool projects that we hope to tackle in what we hope is the foreseeable future.  Justin has gotten raising fish stuck in his noggin!

Not to mention the (what’s in store) improvements to the main Urban Homestead website (there’s more stuff in the pipeline I assure you)

Pretty soon we’ll see our 10 year anniversary online (gasp – please excuse me while I step away from the computer, mutter a silent scream, throw up my arms and shake my head in disbelief, ok I’m back)  and site and outreach growing!  So if you have found this site helpful, please consider supporting our non profit work — there’s a few easy ways you can help – visit our SUPPORT page to learn the details.

Fa la la la la…..

As we approaching the gift giving season please consider supporting this site so that we can take our work to the next level.

Suggested Gifts

from our online store….

Gardening by the Moon Calendar – 2010 are now in stock!

Metal Water Bottles

Homestead Blessings by the West Ladies DVD on canning, soap making, and more

Solar Ovens

Homegrown Revolution DVD


Soil Block Maker

Wire Vegetable Basket

Kitchen Composter

To Go Ware

A slew of Kitchen Supplies & Low Impact Gadgets

Canning Kit

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and much, much more!

Giving Thanks

Field hand appreciation for your support this month from  EG $25, LM $5, MM $5, JH $10, LE $10

And a most hearty appreciation and thank you to those of you who supported and contributed in 2009.  We are extremely blessed and grateful for your support.

Ok, the “pledge break is over” (for now) stay tuned for more photos and musing from the urban homestead.


  1. Keli Garson says:

    What a lovely website! I found you after reading the article in L.A. magazine. It particularly grabbed my attention because:
    1. Sustainable and organics rule
    2. Cochins rule (We have 4; large size, blue and black)
    3. Belgian Bearded d’Uccles rule (especially the mille fleur variety – ours is also named Millie)
    4. Americaunas are pretty good too.

    Since we live on several acres, our Alpine dairy goats are also large size. We too used to walk them on leashes, in their youth, and drove them around in the back of our station wagon! But I so admire what you’ve accomplished in the midst of Pasadena! Best wishes to you!

  2. Natasha Laity Snyder says:

    Great site, an inspiration to us all!

    You should try out Dorking Chickens, that’s what I have so I’m very partial to them – they are great free rangers!

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