Summer Shower!

Early Monday morning we were awaken by pitter patter on the roof. Could it be? Rain?   A little summer shower to break the heat and humidity was short lived but nice while it lasted.    Not having time to catch much news these days but wanted to send our thoughts to our readers who are experiencing heavy rain and flooding in Texas and UK.    You could send the rain this way, we need it more than you.

Solar Cone

“Hot” Green Products

Over the years we’ve collected all sorts of composters and we’ve recently added a new one to the urban homestead’s compost family. We were intrigued by theSolar Cone Composter and with all the green waste that’s produced here on the urban homestead we figured we could do with another.   We placed it directly in one of the raised beds and it seems to be doing its job. A feature that we like about this compost model is that fact that the composting happens underground where all the worms live. And last but not least – no turning! Compost happens!  After a year of composting materials into the cone we’ll be able to move it throughout the yard, improving and building up our soil.   Healthy soil equals healthy, happy productive plants.

Aqus Water Saver
Another “hot” productfeatured on thePeddler’s Wagon win’s Sundance Channel’s “Big Idea”
Water Saver wins Sundance Channel “Big Idea” Contest

A Kentucky man was named winner of Sundance Channel’s “What’s the Big Idea?” contest, which invited viewers to share suggestions for greening the planet.Mark Sander’s idea, “The AQUS,” is a water conservation system that cleans and recycles sink water to fill toilet tanks, saving potentially a household up to 5,000 gallons of water annually, the channel said in a news release. The national contest is an extension of the network’s “The Green” which features the series, “Big Ideas for A Small Planet.” Viewers were asked to submit a one-minute film featuring their eco-solutions. “Winning this contest is just amazing,” the Louisville man said. “I think what’s truly special about The AQUS is that it can impact the masses and that’s an absolute must when it comes to making positive environmental change.”

Coming Aug 1

Green ‘Back to School’ products & supplies coming soon to thePeddler’s Wagon
– hemp bags, lunch boxes and more

Heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and apples

Abundant Harvest

Late July and August is when the real fun starts here on the urban homestead! Lots of veggies and fruits come piling in.   We are extremely thankful for our bountiful blessings this year, especially since last year disappointments.  

As I mentioned before, this year we are really concentrating on improving the soil even more as Will Roger says “they ain’t making any more of it.” And so it goes with the urban homestead soil, keeping it in optimum health is high priority.     After 15 years we are steadily becoming better and better gardeners and weaning the garden off organic NPK fertilizers and instead using compost, EM (products soon coming to thePeddler’s Wagon ) and rock dust.   Seems to be working so far as we are seeing the results!

Here’s another weekly run down of our meals last week. [ HG = homegrown in our garden. “Suncooked” = cooked energy free using aSolar Oven ]


B – buckwheat pancakes made with HG duck eggs with homemade apple butter made with homegrown apples

D – homemade w.w. flour tortillas, spanish rice made with HG tomatoes, onions, peppers served with sautéed HG peppers and chopped HG tomatoes


B – homemade granola

L – leftovers from Saturday dinner

D – pizza topped with HG tomatoes, peppers and cheese served with HG tomato and cucumber salad


B – homemade granola

L – mac & cheese topped with raw chopped HG tomatoes and peppers with leftover pizza

D – suncooked curry rice used to stuffed HG peppers served with HG tomato and cucumber salad


B – homemade granola

L – steamed HG green beans, swiss chard served over sun cooked organic long grain brown rice with HG sliced tomato on raw cheese bread

D – suncooked curry rice stuffed HG peppers with HG tomato and cucumber salad


B – homemade granola

L – roasted HG betts with HG steamed veggies (peppers, beans, squash, eggplant)

D – mac & cheese topped with raw chopped HG tomatoes and peppers served with HG tomato and cucumber salad


B – homemade granola

L – HG vegetable soup served over organic long grain rice

D – HG tomato sandwich served with HG tomato and cucumber salad


B – homemade granola

L – leftover HG vegetable soup

D – w.w. spaghetti served with homemade sauce (HG tomatoes, peppers, onions, herbs) served with HG tomato and cucumber salad and homemade herb bread

Appreciation to PTF’s “Field Hands”

Like to acknowledge the kind and generous reader’s (“Field Hands”) whocontributed this week. CK $50, GM $20 and PE $5 and those of you who purchased from our online store. We are juggling a hundred different things at the moment so it doesn’t seem like much has been happening but behind the scenes we are a buzz with making improvement to the PTF site. Like I said, don’t know how long it will take us or when the site will be launched but your donations are certainly helping usGROW THE FUTURE. Thank you!

You, too, can become a “willing worker”‘ with a tax deductible contribution$10 – field hand for an hour$50 – field hand for a day$100 – field hand for 1/2 week$250 – field hand for 1 week$500 – field hand for 2 weeks$1000 – field hand for a month

And last, but not least, keep up the great emails, letters, comments and questions. Always a treat to hear from our readers.  I still have to get to posting a Q & A entry from everyone’s most recent questions. Stay tuned.

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  1. David says:

    Just saw this @ http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/ice-block-ac.htm . Dreaded inefficient traditional air conditioning units slowly going by the wayside via ice-block ac.
    Cool sink/ toilet hybrid not to mention water $aving$. If only it came w/ an aquarium tank.