What a mess! Protecting the garden from the house being sanded

Back to Normal?

Had enough of chicken news yet?    It’s true that there’s other news/stuff happening besides chickens.

The urban homestead it’s slowly turning back to normal after some major construction work. Not that everything is done – believe me it’s far from completion. But we are getting back to where we can start re landscaping around the house – putting back some passive cooling trellises and edible trees, vines and bushes.   The landscape around the house has been in limbo since we removed the old asphalt shingle roof last summer and finally replaced it with a metal roof back in January.   The garage, where we hold community events, is still in complete disarray and very, very dusty as it acted as a storage and working facility during the construction.

Our chicken raising operation has taken over the middle room, the girls bedroom and a sizeable outdoor garden area – so that’s a wee bit of an inconvenience.

There’s work has still yet to begin here on the urban homestead – gutters, greywater and other water saving techniques to implement over the summer. We have been working feverishly to try to get all those and more projects done and in the meantime keep the urban homestead operational and garden business clients happy all at the same time.   Not a very easy task.   With all such goings on other such work is slipping by to by –the new website & journal or uploading new videos and so forth. Thanks for your patience as PTF goes through growing pains.

Hauling first load

Sport Utility Bike

Another satisfied customer riding his new radical S.U.B purchased from thePeddler’s Wagon.  

With gas prices in Pasadena hitting $3.89 a gallon all you locals who don’t want to pay such exorbitant prices but aren’t able to ditch your car put can’t because you like to run errands to the local garden store to load up on all those heirloom tomato plants and organic potting soil or if you like to pick up bagfuls of goodies at Trader Joes than theXtracycle is for you.

For those of you who aren’t bike savvy, Justin, the urban homestead resident bike wizard, will happily help you hook up theXtracycle on your bike for a small price like he did for this local customer who happily is showing off his load.

Thank You
GM for contributing $10 and to another fellow traveler from across the pond CG whodonated $10 – we appreciate your helping PTF “grow the future.”


Scorching summer forecast in USA [USA Today]

Drought to persist in West, Southeast; fire danger a big worry In California and Arizona, which suffered severely below-normal mountain precipitation over the winter, about 90% of each state is in some stage of drought. This time last year, drought touched less than one-tenth of a percent of California. Today, Los Angeles is on track for its driest July-to-July rainfall ever.The snowpack in California’s Sierra Nevada averaged just 29% of normal this winter. Although water left over from last year’s spring snowmelt should fill municipal tap water needs this year, another subpar winter could jeopardize California’s water supply.
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