On Again Off Again

Another storm brought more rain yesterday – what a blessing! Now that the clouds are gone, back go on the row covers as temperatures this weekend dip to about 32 degrees.   Good news is that another storm is expected either Monday or Tuesday – bring it on!

The Eggs Are Coming

Thankfully to LocalHarvest.org Jordanne was able to purchase some “almost local” eggs to hatch. If all goes well, they should be shipped on Monday and here on urban homestead on Tuesday.   Then comes the exciting part – hatching! I have to admit along with that excitement is a dose of apprehension.

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  1. Kathi says:

    We are a bit higher in the hills than you (in Altadena). We had lots of ice on the lawn and car this morning. Luckily I had brought in my tomato, pepper and Eggplant seedlings. My lettuce, broccoli and peas did ok.