Breaking Records

Whoops, we did it again this year, breaking another weather record. Tuesday, Los Angeles reached 97 degrees, making it the warmest since such record-keeping began in the mid 1800’s.

Today there’s a nice blanket of fog to cool things down a bit.

Jules Dervaes Sr

Just found that my late grandfather, Jules Sr., is listed as a member ofJesuit High School’s Hall of Fame.

“recognizes individuals who have shown an outstanding display of loyalty, determination, and a commitment to excellence for the betterment of Jesuit High School.”

Pretty neat,–amazing what you stumble on in cyber space. Jules Jr., valedictorian of his Jesuit class, graduated from Jesuit High School and then attended Loyola University in New Orleans, a Jesuit run university, on a full academic scholarship.

Skills & Knowledge

We are enrolled in life-school. Each day we learn, work (and play) and over time gain more skills and knowledge required to become less dependent on “the system.” The is “the back to basics” approach to learning to survive without depending on the yellow pages of the phone book or non sustainable manufactured goods.
First in a series of “B2B” posts:

Hair cutting

I learned to cut hair from my father when I was, oh, about 15.   My father was the kind that wanted us to not have to depend on others for the basic “necessities in life.” Honestly, at first, I was  “why do I have to do this.” But now, I enjoying cutting hair – something about making a head of hair look nice and neat (sounds familiar, guess it’s in the genes).   After learning to cut by hand, we bought an electric hair cutting device which helped get it done faster, but now I find that I like cutting the old fashion way with just scissors and my two fingers as guides.

Besides it being a necessary skill, leaning to cut hair was also a step in frugality. Saving on the average $50-125 ($25 average cost of basic haircut x each member of the family) a month. That’s money that could go towards something else.   After I got good at cutting hair, I then taught Jordanne so she I and were both able to give family members a basic hair cut and you can too!

It’s a little intimidating at first; but, if you don’t aspire to walk on a catwalk or red carpet, you can give yourself and loved ones a decent hair cut.

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Haircuts at Home
How to Cut Your Own Hair

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  1. Brian says:

    Second link “How to cut your own hair” is broken.

  2. Anais says:


    It’s been corrected, thanks for pointing it out.


  3. Wildside says:

    Oh, ok… Thanks for the tips. I do need a haircut right about now! It’s been about 1/2 a year since the last. The local barber will do it for $11 plus usually a generous tip, but… Yes, sometimes I get funny looks and questions about my right to be there from the men folk hanging out — and tire of it. I am a girl, after all! 😉