Humid Again

Just after saying the humidity is gone guess what? Well, mr humidity was back over the weekend socking the Southland under oppressive humid temps thanks to a Hurricane down south.   Sunday large thunder clouds rose menacingly over the San Gabriel mountain range and tower miles above the ridges but unfortunately the ‘boomers’ don’t bring any rain our way.Around noon while up on a ladder picking peaches we spotted a brow smoke coming from the middle of the hills (Altadena way) sending a hazy mixture of smoky clouds into the air. Reading theonline local paper, found out hikers had to be evacuated from one of our favorite hiking trails near Mt Lowe.Going out for a late Sunday afternoon bike ride (Pasadena is a great bike city!) with a friend we spotted the fire fighting helo and hot shot crew in one of the parking lots surrounding the Rose Bowl.

Wild Things

Just when we thought we knew the Arroyo Seco like the back of our hands – a wonderful surprise! Going on one of our weekly goat walks along the Arroyo Seco I believe we spotted a cluster of wild plum trees.    Can’t wait to go back and harvest a few – wild plum jam sounds yummy. So far on our walks we’ve spotted black walnut, wild gooseberry and of course elderberries.

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Organic Looks Easy, if You’ve Got a Royal Staff {NYTimes}

“Organic” is never out of the picture at Highgrove. The tone is set at the entrance by signs reading “Beware, you are now entering an old-fashioned establishment” and “This is a G.M.O.- free zone,” referring to genetically modified organisms.
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Farmer’s Almanac predicts ‘two-faced’ winter {USAToday}

‘LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — Keep your boots, long johns and snow shovels handy this winter if you live in the East, the Farmers’ Almanac’s forecast suggests. Residents of the West, however, can look forward to a milder winter this time around.”Mother Nature is going to be sort of two-faced,” almanac editor Peter Geiger said.
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CIRCLING HOME {Resurgence}

One man’s vow to spend a year in one place.CIRCLING HOME BEGAN as an offhand conversation over breakfast with a friend a few months ago. We were talking about global warming. What would it be like, I found myself musing, to spend an entire year within walking distance of home in the Pacific Northwest of America? What would it be like to spend a whole cycle of seasons in an intimate exploration of my home terrain, and to do so as a conscious response to global warming; not out of guilt, but as a positive affirmation, as a kind of pilgrimage into the heart of my own home region? Maybe what we need to learn more than anything else right now involves a radical turning back towards home?
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Why global warming could be modern society’s greatest opportunity.THE TWO-DEGREES time bomb is ticking. Human society has just eight years left to peak worldwide carbon emissions if we are to have any chance of limiting global warming to two degrees above pre-industrial levels. Cross that two-degree line and we’ll move into very dangerous territory indeed – one with escalating climate damages and an ever-increasing chance of crossing tipping points which could push global warming quickly beyond human control.
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