Goat Pedicure

After the animal chores ( feeding, watering, cleaning the enclosure, and gathering eggs )were done early this morning it was time to give the goats a pedicure. While I walked one around the yard, Jordanne with the help of Jules trimmed (and cleaned) each of the goat’s hooves.   Actually the goats were quite calm and didn’t protest too much and we are glad to say Jordanne still has all her fingers.  

Busy Day

After taking care of the garden and business end of things around here, the guys are going to be fixing the reflectors on the sun oven. After making the panels, we’ll glue sections of highlyreflective aluminum foil.   This should rapidly improve cooking time!   The “gloom” is gone so it’s going to be a good solar cooking week.

Local Coverage

Join Ann Martin today (Thursday — it will rerun again this weekend) on the 4 pm KCAL 9 for her segment ‘In the Garden‘ Take a peek into Path to Freedom’s micro urban
farm as she and Jules pick and enjoy a salad from the garden. For those of
you who aren’t local this video segment will be posted on their web site after it airs this
evening.   Mrs Martin and crew came out on one of those scorching
hot days and they had some problems with shadows and too much sun light. So it will be interesting to see how the piece turns out.