The kids have fun petting goats & planting seeds

PTF Visits Local School

Today, we visited a local school in the area. Jordanne brought the goats and Jules made some newspaper pots and gave the kids a quick planting lesson. Each child planted seeds in their newspaper pot and were told to take them home and watch them sprout.  

Everyone had a blast, the children were sad to see the goats go so we told them “you have to ask your teacher if we can come back.” Each of the kids proudly took their newspaper pot planted with sunflowers and marigolds back with them to school.    We sometime pass this parcel of land (destined one day to destroyed for a fwy extension) and it was great to see it being put to use by two local schools who share this plot of land (for the time being as the neighbors battle the freeway extension). It will be a shame if the freeway ever goes through since there arepeaches, mulberries, plums, apples and berries growing on the property.

Ann Martin & Jules sit down to eat a freshly picked salad

In The Garden

Out of the blue about a few weeks ago we received an email from a producer at our local CBS news station. He somehow heard about our garden and wanted to do a piece for the station.

Ann Martin of CBS 2, who is a garden enthusiast herself, hosts a news segment‘In the Garden‘ paid our garden a visit yesterday. She & Jules wandered through the yard & picking all sorts of greens and edible flowers to make a up a salad for lunch which we served with freshly made rose petal lemonade. Ann Martin was very enthusiastic and really loved the garden she was full of positive remarks saying, “this is the best little garden she’s ever seen.”   The piece, they said, will air sometime in June. Since we don’t have time for tours right now (we’ve been overwhelmed by several hundred requests and have too many projects we are working on), we feel at least this way the local media can bring the garden to the people.

The Heat is On!

Summer has arrived with hot temps. Afternoon temps these last few days have sent animals and humans alike looking for relief in the shade.

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  1. gerry medland says:

    What is truly remarkable from my viewpoint is the tremendous range of tasks you all acomplish at PTF,the inspiration is bubbling,You lead by a great and fine example,well done!