Building a solar shower & salvaged wood

If one path is blocked we try a different one. Another project has been started… and it’s a good feeling to see some progress.

The backyard looks and smells like a lumber yard!

The guys (with the help of Johan, a carpenter) started work on improving the solar shower on Friday. What is neat is that we are using salvaged wood (thanks to Janice for the tip) from a homeowner who was tearing down a wooden fence. Of course the wood was a bit rotten, but we didn’t need the entire length so it works perfectly and, best of all, it didn’t cost us a dime (and besides, we like the rustic look!).

We continue work on putting up the sides of the shower today and also make some more marmalade.

Last week, a lady from Natural Home & Garden Magazine called about the article that will be appearing in, I believe, the March/April issue.   We had first been told it would appear in the Nov/Dec issue, but I think it’s better that the article is coming out in the spring issue when everyone is coming out of winter hibernation and desperate to start planting.

We called our friends and sheep farmers (Jonathan and Deborah) in Hopland since we just read about the flood and fire damage the Real Good’s Institute received from the last rain storm. They are doing well, no problems at their farm, happy to say. They say it was the worst flooding in 50 years.

Meanwhile, the weather is nice and warm – actually quite hot, believe it or not. It’s been a warm winter, that’s for sure… but maybe I am speaking too soon! In the meantime the animals are enjoying lounging in the sunshine and we humans are enjoying it too, working out in our shirtsleeves and going barefoot in the yard.  Of course we could still do with more rain and hopefully more will come before our rainy season is up. The plants/soil are desperately needing a few more deep soakers.