Trying to catch up on what happened over these past few weekends.   Here’s a brief overview in photos.  Enjoy

The urban homestead’s resident bike enthusiasts bike down to the Rose Bowl for some local cycling activities

Cyclists bike through the streets of Pasadena.  Lance Armstrong should be in this photo nestled in amongst the teal and yellow jerseys.

Hanging out at a party with local bike advocates and fellow urban homesteaders.

More party photos.  Good food, good friends.

Jordanne walks the goats under the famous Colorado Bridge.

We stop to forge for some food for the goats – oak and sycamore leaves.  Fairlight can’t wait till we get home, she wants her snacks and she wants them now.

Walking along the beautiful Arroyo Seco with the majestic bridge and San Gabriel mountains in the background.

Time to go home.  Enjoying the sun set and the view.

California lilacs bloom and perfume the air with their delicate sweet scent.

Happy spring!

Coming up next… weekly meal wrap up, more garden photos and bees and men at work!


  1. Cindie K. says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! It was a beautiful pre-Spring weekend for us in West Virginia as well. Our tortoises were able to graze, and our dog was able to get extra long walks and a long swim in Buffalo Creek. We had a wonderful Sunday dinner with home grown green beans from last year’s garden and home baked bread. That plus the fellowship of having Sunday dinner as a family is real living!!!!!

  2. Gardening 4 Life says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share not only your knowledge about urban homesteading, but the busy social activities and life around you. It’s great to see that healthy living is about more aspects of life than just homesteading. 🙂 Enjoy your Spring!

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