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Thanks to a recent $10 donation from GM,Grow the Future fund reached 20% of its goal to run and maintain the website and continue outreach programs. Thank you to all who have supported and contributed. We are grateful and appreciate your generosity.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”
–Bruce Lee

We are working extra hard and long hours with plans to make the PTF urban homestead even better than ever as the model of urban self-sufficiency. Not to mention
there are plans in the works to expand and revamp the website with more videos,
easier format and much, much more.

Anais, Justin & Jordanne
Urban Pioneers

The “second life” bedsheet aprons made their debut at Pasadena’s Earth Day celebration. We received quite a lot of positive comments… perhaps we’re setting a new-old fashioned trend?


Biofuels: What are our best options? [MSN]

Biofuels may not be the wonder fuel many thought. Some types of biofuel production actually contribute to global warming. But major corporations are working to create biofuels. Low-tech options, including recycled cooking oils, are another possibility.
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L.A. again tops list of nation’s most polluted [MSNBC]

Los Angeles can continue being the butt of smog jokes now that it has once again topped the American Lung Association’s bad air list of most polluted cities in America.
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Water in the American West – 10 Things You Can Do [World Changing]

“According to the models, in the Southwest a climate akin to the 1950s drought becomes the new climate within the next few years to decades.” This extraordinary forecast — “the imminent drying of the U.S. southwest” –
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  1. Jeff S. says:

    Very nice work on the aprons. They are a great example of “More With Less” as well as what Edith Schaeffer called “Hidden Art”