Sport Sun Oven

Solar Cooking In Winter? It can be done!

Hey there Guys,I’ve been coming to your web site for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love what you’re doing.I bought a solar oven from Peddler’s Wagon a couple of months ago, and it’s great! I’ve had a cardboard box oven for years, but this time of year, we really can’t use them, the sun’s too low.Anyway, I live in Indiana, and yesterday we got 17″ of snow on the ground with some blowing and drifting. Well, today the sun was out, and I stuck that little oven on top of a snow drift while I shoveled out my driveway. Four hours later, the driveway was done, and I was inside enjoying some chicken breast and mixed vegetables!! Eighteen degrees on a snow covered February day, and I’m still cooking with the sun.Thanks for the oven, and keep up the great work!!!Craig

Thanks, Craig, for the feedback – much appreciated. We are really glad you like the solar oven and finding that it works even in winter! Nothing better than a sun cooked meal on a winter’s day.

Busy Sunday

We received a call last night just as guests were arriving at our home for a potluck social. The call was from a woman who was interested in coming by today for some salad. I asked how she heard about us and she said that she eats our salad at one of the restaurants whom we sell our salds to. She remarked that she’s searched far and wide at local farmer’s market and nothing can compare with our “extraordinary” salad mix. Of course, I was flattered by her going on and on about how wonderful the salad is; but, what really shocked me was she said that she would be coming from 30 miles away. Amazing.

Today is stacking up to be a busy one. All the dirt (that was once layers and layers of straw and pine mulch) from the driveway will be scooped up and placed in the middle of the backyard where we will be using broken concrete (which we removed last year) to build up a large raised bed.

And what a difference a day makes! Yesterday we set record highs in the valleys with 90 degree temperatures. Today, temperatures have dropped nearly 30 degrees with highs expected in the lower to upper 60’s.   There’s a slight chance of rain tomorrow and we are praying for it to rain.


  1. Mike says:

    Any chance you could share what goes in to your salad mix (for those of us who’re /way/ too far away to stand a chance of tasting it)?

  2. Steven says:

    how hot does your solar oven get?

  3. Anais says:

    Hi Steven

    Thanks for the question. The Sport Sun Oven reaches temperatures of 210-265 F without reflectors and up to 350 F with reflectors when placed in direct sun.