Another small step

Having to buy toothbrushes the other day, we chooserecycled ones made from yogurt cups. The re-cycle doesn’t just end there. What’s neat is that instead of throwing the toothbrushes away once they’re old , the company (upon request) supplies you with a postage-paid return envelope to send the toothbrush back to them. The company will then recycle your used toothbrush, sending it off to be ground up and used as material for recycled plastic lumber!

Though the average American currently replaces a brush only 1.5 times a year, replacement is expected to increase due to the growing awareness of the benefits of preventative oral hygiene.

If we all obey our dentists, toothbrushes will begin to make a pretty significant impact on landfills. At present replacement rates, annual toothbrush waste amounts to about 50 million pounds. With the Preserve, significant amounts of plastic waste are diverted from landfills back into usable goods. As toothbrushes become more and more of a consumable, using recycled materials and the Preserve’s recyclable design makes more and more sense.


  1. lauren says:

    I have one too! I was so excited about the concept that I came home from Trader Joe’s and blogged about it right away. I love when companies find innovative, sustainable alternatives for everyday products!