Celebrating Online Outreach 1999-2012

Looking for something to inspire you (and others) to pioneer a more sustainable path throughout the upcoming new year?

A nice BIG stack of 2012 “Little Homestead in the City” calendars now sit on the dinning room table ready to find good homes.

Another in the series commemorating our decade+ long online presence. We’ve put together a pictorial calendar highlighting our favorite photos of the garden, animals, flowers, butterflies and more! Support our growing online presence and outreach to the next level.

Don’t pass up this opportunity!

Buy a beautiful calendar of stunning (and quirky) collection of photos–and be encouraged to grow/preserve more of your own food, raise citified farm animals or live a more simple life. Plus you’ll be supporting an important work of educating others how to become more self-sufficient.

Or…. if you are local & a customer of our Front Porch Farm Stand you can pick up one next time you come and get your boxes of fruits & veggies!


  1. grace says:

    I am so far behind on reading all of your blogs ~ I just now saw this one!! Ordered mine as soon as I read this, Can’t wait to get it!! And, I even ordered one for my favorite cousin too!! As always, thanks for all that you all do 🙂

  2. grace says:

    WOW!!!! SUPER FAST SHIPPING!! I got my calenders today!!!! Thank you SO much!!

  3. Vail Carruth says:

    How can I get the calendars. We live in Arkansas!

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