The Urban Homestead (pg 38/40)

Flip through the digital edition of Rose Magazine’s June/July issue that features (pg 38/40)

“The Urban Homesteaders and DIY tips to get you growing on the path to sustainable living”

… ” Dervaes hopes to encourage others to take up the spade and grow some of their own produce… in this article Farmer D offers tips on easiest veggies to grow,  improving your soil, conserving water and the most important tip off all…. patience!

“You have to keep coming back to try to adapt and try something else,” Dervaes says, “Experiment because you are going to learn from it.”

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Rose Magazine’s June/July issue that features (pg 38/40)


  1. CE says:

    I work in a WIC clinic (Women, Infants and Children= a federal, state and local program to promote healthy food habits and family behaviors for lower income pregnant women and children up to age 5 yrs old). Each summer we promote the local farmers market and eating local, fresh and wholesome. We also encourage our clients to try at least one new fruit or vegetable each season. We provie them with produce checks and info on choosing, storeing and using many types of produce and we encourage them to ask their growers for more ideas on use/cooking. (our is a growers market) Each year I provide info on how to grow some of their own food but last year and this year people have been really receptive. I posted how-to website info and for fun I posted your site and the ariel shot of your lot/farm. I hope they enjoy and are inspired by the photos of all you are doing. From a potted tomato to a urban farm, it is all possible. What fun.

    • Anais says:

      @CE: Keep up the great work, it’s important! Thanks for sharing our project with others, hopefully it will inspire more folks to grow their own. Happy gardening!

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