The iconic Saturday Evening Post does a feature on the Urban Homestead!

If Norman Rockwell were alive today, wonder what his artistic rendering of an urban homesteader would be?  That would have been somethin’

Urban Homesteads and Hope

By Jen Stewart

The concept of “urban homesteads” are gaining popularity in recent years. To put it simply, modern-day pioneers who practice this environmentally conscience style of living live as self-sufficiently as possible to protect the earth.

They live in the midst of all of the modern day amenities, but choose not to participate in them, or at least as little as possible. They practice gardening and grow most, if not all of their own foods. They keep animals to give them milk and eggs. Some even convert their vehicles to diesel engines and brew their own bio-diesel fuels.

In an effort to unearth the appeal of urban homesteads, we caught up with the founder of the Urban Homestead movement, Jules Dervaes. We were reminded of a very important message: Each and every one of us can help make one aspect of our life more earth-friendly with minimal effort. All it takes is the decision to make a difference!

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  1. Turling says:

    Great article. The more press you get, the better.

  2. Steven says:

    Awesome. I can relate to the neighbors comment. Our neighborhood really focuses on connecting and contributing to each other on a regular basis. It’s great to see how you have affected those who live close to you.

  3. CE says:

    It is a wonderful article but ironic that when this country is embracing local food so enthusiastically, the lawmakers are passing laws like NAIS, HR 875 (which was defeated by almost a million negative public emails but replaced by another similar and just as repressive bill), the proposed recreational fishing ban on US waters and coastlines, the proposed hunging ban, the Obama administrations support of UN Agenda 21 which seeks to “abolish private ownership of rural or suburban land, local food production by individuals, global citizenship education and population control”.
    I know! It sounds like some alternate dimension and not our country or our times. But just look at the laws lined up to be voted on and look at Agenda 21 which is for the entire world including the US.
    This wonderful little farm would not be possible under the proposed laws. Check out congressional watchdog sites and write/email your lawmakers because the law that would close this farm down could also make it illegal for you to have a home garden. I kid you not.

  4. Gillian says:

    I’ve just looked up Agenda 21 and it’s miles long – could CE please specify which section he/she is quoting from?

  5. Juanita says:

    Congratulations on a great article. A while back you posted something about going to a salvage yard. Can you tell me the name of it? I am looking for lumber for some raised beds. Thanks!

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