Peak Oil has finally hit “the big time.” This Sunday the cable channel FX is showing OIL STORM a scenario of events that may happen once the oil runs out. For us cable-less folks, we are having a friend taping the show since we are curious what the “hollywoodize” version will be.  

We are still trying to obtain skills to “survive” any upcoming crisis that’s in store for modern civilization. It may or may not be “Peak Oil,” yet we know that this all-consuming culture will eventually collapse and we have to be ready and prepared for this inevitable future.

In these past five years we have covered a lot of ground in our path (and wished we could have covered more!). We still have lots more to learn and accomplish and at this point in our journey we are aware that true freedom wcan not be accomplished at our present location. However,  we will try our best as urban pioneers in the here and now, blazing a trail towards a sustainable present & future. We are setting our sights on becoming survivors.

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  1. JBB says:

    The cover story of July/August’s The Atlantic magazine is “Countdown to a Meltdown. America’s Coming Economic Crisis: A Look Back from the Election of 2016”, by James Fallows. (Paid subscription currently required.) I just received the magazine today, so I haven’t made it too far into the article yet. There’s another, related, article by Benjamin Friedman, “Meltdown: A Case Study. What America a century ago can teach us about the moral consequences of economic decline.”

    It will be interesting to read the perspective of these authors.

  2. kathreen says:

    looks fantastic, it is great fun to build and so surprising how well it cooks. it has taken us a bit to get used the peculiarities of ours but now that we have it, we bake perfect loaves ever time – our sour dough is delicious.

  3. Anais says:

    Hi Janice

    Thanks for the article reference. I would like to borrow the magazine after you are done and discuss what you think about it.

  4. Anais says:

    Hello Kathreen

    Welcome to PTF! Thanks for your comments. I really am looking forward to baking bread.
    Love the photos of your fresh baked loaves… yum!