Daffodil time!

This Sunday, a film crew will be coming to the homestead, following us about our daily lives. They are producing a film titled, “Ready or Not?,” that will cover issues such as global warming, peak oil and bird flu and whether or not we are prepared for such scenarios. One of the producer/director said that the film should either air on cable or public television.
Greenland’s melting
Fast spreading bird flu

End of cheap oil

Emerging water shortages

Signs are everywhere pointing to the fact that we will be facing a critical time in the history of the planet. Are we ready?  I’m afraid not, we have still a way’s to go in preparing ourselves and living a more sustainable life. The journey is frustrating and exhilarating at times, but worth every step.   It’s our job to be good stewards of the earth and it’s certainly a challenge and big obligation to fill. This year we hope to implement more positive changes and small steps.

Change of weather

Back go on sweaters, knitted caps and socks!   There’s been a 30 degree drop in temperature, meaning winter is back!   Along with the colder temperatures there’s a 60% chance of rain on Saturday.

Looking forward to next week, when we start the heirloom tomatoes and other warm weather crops… and looking forward to finishing the new website and time away from the computer. Moving and re-formatting 6 years worth of info is a daunting task.