It’s been somewhat of an adjustment but this homestead family now has a dog.   This ragamuffin of a young pup just wandered into our yard one day and into the arms of Farmer D and has never left.  We did our best to find the owner (he had no tag or chip) but to no avail.

We were rather inclined not to keep him at first – could we handle another responsibility?  We had our hands fulls already.  Besides,  chickens are one thing but a dog needs companionship and with everyone so busy these days we weren’t quite sure if we could give the puppy the attention and training he needed.  Fortunately, he was already potty and crate trained so that was a (huge)plus.

As we weighed whether to keep him or find him a good home,  it got me to thinking that sometimes you just have to not look at whether this or that can serve a purpose here at the homestead.  Sometimes the purpose is not material but immaterial.  The love and joy this puppy gives to us and all who pass thru our door – priceless.

We named him Marley (his coat  looks a lot like dreadlocks) but he also has a couple aliases… The Muppet… or Animal.

He’s a keeper!


  1. Bob says:

    We have gotten a new dog . She looks very much like the Muppet she is a Havanese A TOY DOG THAT ONE OF ITS TRAITS IS HERDING CHICKENS IT IS A ROYAL DOG FROM CUBA

    I was in intensive care for 4 days and my wife replaced me with Eva before i got out of the hospital.
    our dog has a more pointed nose
    but if left uncombed will get the dreadlocks we love her she is 4 months and about 8 lbs


  2. Kat @ Where the Sidewalk Ends says:

    We call our dog a muppet too!!! Her name is Chewbacca, and she’s about a year and a half. We actually bought her, after searching for dogs to adopt, but no small dogs were available in Brisbane, Australia. She’s been such a light to our lives and can’t imagine life without her. She loathes flying birds, but has no problem with chickens – probably because she is smaller than they are.

  3. bonnie k. says:

    What a cutie! May youl have a long and happy relationship with Marley!

  4. bonnie k. says:

    that should have been “may you” — not sure how I managed that typo

  5. jean says:

    Definitely a cutie. To everything there is a reason.

  6. Jeannie B says:

    Every farm needs a dog. Dogs love us with no strings attached. He came to you for a reason. Enjoy the new addition to your family. I love keeping up with your website. Your little homestead is a wonderful inspiration to us all.

  7. Jeannie B says:

    Every farm needs a dog. He will love you unconditionally and make a great addition to your family. I love your website and your little homestead is an inspiration to us all.

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