The “book”. I’m sneaking a peek! Whoa Nellie! Look at all that… wait …”What’s This?” Hmmm… “Freckles, Carmelo, Early Girl, Cherokee Purple, Black Beauty” Now I know who Farmer Justin has been writing to before he goes to sleep.


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  1. ValP says:

    What a naughty sister peekng in “the book”. 😉 I am not surprised at the content though. Sounds as though Justin has good taste. I am partial to Cherokee Purple myself.

  2. ValP says:

    Oy, my apologies for the typos. The smiley was supposed to be after book.

  3. Becky L. says:

    Ha! That’s great!

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    […] stats, Farmer Justin has over a dozen “black books” detailing what he’s planted, when, watering schedule and even when/how he fertilizes.  Not […]

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