Nighttime temperatures have been hovering near or below freezing. Last night it was a frosty 27 degrees. When I go out early feed the animals I dress warming with my hand knitted hat, fingerless gloves and scarf and a large second hand coat. Justin likes to tease that I look like a babushka from Russia – hey, to me it’s cold OK?   It’s officially winter and now the garden has gone into winter hibernation mode. The fruit trees are almost naked and stark looking, the perennial herbs dormant and the winter garden tinged with a bit of frost damage.


Could be? Yes! I expect to post an update soon, so stay tuned. 

Winter Fruits

Living So Cal one’s diet is never absent of fresh fruit. Winter in Southern California means trees laden with citrus of all kinds and on the urban homestead it’s tamarillo time.  

Having to use up these little red ornaments that dangle from our trees that line the driveway, I tried a new recipe from New Zealand calledTamarrillo Carob Pudding.    It was quite an interesting combination of flavors.   Of course to our palette we felt it would need some tweaking (bit more carob or chocolate for our taste) but it does have potential.