100 mile potluck & film screening.

Blue Vinyl

Plastics. One part of your diet you may never break.. . .you may want to but it is utterly impossible.

Over 40 people attended the screeningBlue Vinyl (a toxic odyssey of the dangers of the life cycle of PVC —view pdf) on a sticky So Cal Sunday night. Thanks to all those who braved the mugginess and brought some delicious contributions to another successful “100 Mile” Potluck – another great spread. Also a big thank you goes to Pasadena’s Wild Oats for providing the cloth canvas bags with hope that people will use less plastic on their next trip to the store.

More about the dangers of plastic

The newtoilet lid sink was quite a hit, hadn’t seen so many people wanting to use the bathroom. 😉 


Record breaking heat hits the southland. It’s hot, too hot.  LA almost broke a record set waaaaay back 1882.   Perhaps today it will as more brutal 100+ degree heat and humidity are expected. July is going to be one for the books – record breaking heat.  No end in sight for the sizzling summer temps until fall.

From this Sunday’s paper:

Heat, Fire, Smog
“Excessive heat, serve fire danger, record-breaking energy consumption and, on top of that, bad air and rising humidity made for a day of extremes in Southern California… with little relief expected in the coming days.”
“It’s never been this hot,” said Pam a San Fernando native… this is different. This is like Arizona.”

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  1. Scott Holtzman says:

    We hit 104 today, here in Catskill, NY. Sure people complain about the rain ~ so here’s the HEAT! 😉

  2. Anne says:

    Its not just in your part of the world, I have plants literally wilting as are us humans. ~This is definitely not a normal summer. To adapt, I am changing my daily routine, early rising, some work in the garden, indoors between 10 and 4 pm, siesta after light lunch, and then back in the garden after 8pm. It curbes activity and growth…..

  3. Charley says:

    You can send some of that down here if you like. 4 degrees C in Christchurch, New Zealand today. Still at least it’s not snowing. (Must be global warming, eh?)

  4. gerry medland says:

    Hi Anais,
    soaring temp here in the UK also,water companies admit to beeing unable to cope with demand.I have lost some patio plants despite watering,this heat is unknown in England,temp expected to be 102 today!We have to alter our lifestyle and thinking to survive in the future.
    kind regards