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Kudos to the City of Roses, Pasadena’s leading the way to a greener present and future.


Californians Now Recycle Half of Their Trash {LATimes}

A 16-year state campaign to divert more waste from dumps has hit its goal. As a result, no new landfills have opened in a decade.
State officials announced Thursday that California has finally achieved its goal of reducing landfill waste by 50%, thanks to diligent recycling by residents and businesses.
…In Pasadena, which achieved a 62% rate in 2005, such an ordinance helped push the city over the top, said Ursula Schmidt, Pasadena’s recycling program coordinator.The law requires nearly all projects of 1,000 square feet or more to recycle, salvage or reuse at least 50% of the waste material they generate.The city provides builders and demolition crews with a list of places that will take their old concrete, wood and lumber. Old doors and window frames can be donated to Habitat for Humanity, Schmidt said.
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The Greening of Work {LATimes}

More employers are making workplaces environmentally friendly. The result, firms say: energy savings, better morale and even higher productivity.Pasadena has one of the nation’s most stringent green building programs. Rules that went into effect in April require commercial buildings of more than 25,000 square feet and residential buildings of four stories or more to meet the green council’s requirements. Commercial tenants that improve their own rented space must do likewise.”We have the technology and we have the means at our disposal to design buildings better,” said Alice Sterling, Pasadena’s green building coordinator.
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Tomato tunnel

Garden of Eatin’

Now, the garden is in full summer mode. There’s finally some decent cucumbers, the monster 8-10ft high tomatoes along tomato tunnel are still looking good.

We are going on 3 weeks without having to go grocery shopping, eating primarily from the garden now and bulk staples food stash. Our previous record still holds at 8 weeks without shopping – would like to try to replicate it again.

With our now making homemade bread every week and our bulk stash of rice and fruit and veggies from the garden. are eating pretty simple and sustainable meals.

Roofing Saga on Cypress Ave

On Sunday morning we had 100 plywood pieces delivered from LOWES. Normally with an installation of metal roofing you wouldn’t have to put on plywood. However, with our redwood rafters and purlins being so old, dry and sagging in places, we felt it’s best to put on 1/2″ plywood to help level out the roof and give the metal shingles something solid to nail to. This morning, just as Justin was about to cut the pallet strap noticed a lot of damage from wood borers on just the top sheet of plywood. Yikes!  Brand new lumber!How many in the other 99 pieces? So, now Lowes has to come by and pick these up and deliver 100 new ones. The adventure continues!

Sorry for the short post, more hopefully later. Lots of things to do today… especially canning up our peaches!

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  1. gerry medland says:

    Hi Anais,
    your inclusive post about recycling waste serves as a’ boost’ reminder to us all,there can be no excuse not to recycle,cut down,re-use,invent,only lack of imagination applied to a problem fails to find an effective solution!I am in awe of your tomato tunnel!
    many thanx for yet another informative,vibrant post!