Swimming hole

The annual weather occurrence, “June gloom,” is right on schedule. This week’s slightly chilly/damp weather is certainly a dramatic change from last week’s scorching temps. 

Harvested our first peppers and apples of the season and the sweet basil patch is ready for picking and pesto!

Yesterday we enjoyed a brief break and went hiking with some friends to the upper Arroyo. By mid morning the sun eventually burned through the morning haze, perfect weather for a hike and swim (for those brave enough) in the cold mountain stream!  The hike was very pleasant and beautiful. 

Wildflowers were still blooming their hearts out thanks to the soaking winter rains and the stream was still flowing pretty strong and deep for this time of year.   The swimming conditions were ideal for this time of year (better than ever!) one could actually “dive”/”cannon-ball” off the rocks and not hit bottom.  Normally by this time in the season, the “swimming holes” are merely wading pools and when they are ideal and deep (in winter) it’s just to cold to enjoy a dip.

After getting home, everyone took a nap. Nothing beats fresh air, cold water and exercise for a restful sleep.

More photos from the hike via JBB Musings