gardenfeb2708.jpg Part of the backyard subacre farm


Justin jokingly commented that since this is s leap year it’ll help with the 10k challenge. Why? We’ll have one extra day to harvest 9,600 lbs. Very funny, thinks he’s some sort of comedian does he.

More photos of us working in the garden, enjoying the warm temps and glorious sunshine. Life is good.

gardenwrk-1.jpg Farmer D gets one of the collapsible metal trellis

gardenwrk-2.jpg Placing the trellis in the raised bed

gardenwrk-3.jpg Justin cultivating the soil amongst the garlic

gardenwrk-4.jpg Yours truly picking peas in my favorite overalls (sheesh those peas are taller than I am)… note our handsome orange tabby cat in the middle right of the photo.

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  1. RedStateGreen says:

    It’s supposed to snow here on Monday!! I wish spring would get here. Such a beautiful garden you have.

  2. Emily B says:

    Wow the peas are incredible! We are just about to come into pea planting time here. Wow I look at yours with envy!
    Would you be able to share, what you grow them on (trellis or structure)? And also a bit about your collapsible metal trellis?
    Also something that has been bugging me(I can’t figure it out) , what is the metal sheeting, like fencing wire, over the salad beds for? I’ve put it down to a guide for spacing out your seedlings? Or a guide so you don’t trim them too far at harvesting?

    We are creating a ‘pea’ teepee for the kids this year, they are very excited!
    Again wow, wow, wow!
    Thanks , Emily B, Australia

  3. Judy says:

    What is the tall plants behind the pic of Justin?

  4. Anais says:


    Yes indeedy, we are very spoiled here. Like I said before those of you who live in snowy climates you are definitely hardy souls!

    Spring is just around the corner!


  5. Anais says:


    The tall plants behind Justin are FAVA BEANS.

  6. Anais says:

    Emily B

    The peas did exceptionally well this year. I am even surprised how big they got. Our soil must be certainly improving thanks to our animals, worms and rock dust applications.

    That’s one of the most asked questions. The metal trellises over the beds keep the neighborhing cats from using the newly sowned beds as litter boxes. Once the seedlings grown up, the trellises are removed. The trellies serve a dual purpose besides keeping cats out to the beds in the summer time are used to grown climbing vegetbales.

    Farmer D’s putting in collaspible metal trellis (purchased from a garden supply company) for a new pea bed.

    Happy gardening!

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