Sow a homegrown revolution

In our society growing food yourself has become the most radical of acts. Its truly the only effective protest, one that can – and will – overturn the corporate powers that be.  ~ Jules Dervaes ~

Sunday we had back-to-back community events here at PTF. In the early afternoon we hosted the Arroyo Seco Eco Ride followed by the Future of Food film screening.   

We thank Deborah Koons Garcia for graciously accepting our invite, and to Zuri Allen from the Organic Consumer’s Association,  to all those attended and especially a big thanks to the volunteers (Janice, Julia, Allen, Wendy &Sascha) who made this event run smoothly.   Thank you for all your help!   

Also, thanks to Wild Oats and Edward & Sons who donated some organic food – fruit, cookies, bread and crackers. 

This was the first event that we served a catered dinner for 100 people.  On the menu that night was pesto pasta (made with basil from our garden) along with salad, which too came from our garden, in addition to the popular “rose petal lemonade.”

It was a great community gathering of like-minded people. We were a bit stressed organizing the whole thing, but from the participant’s comments, it was a truly an enjoyable and thought-provoking night.
Garcia speaking mono-CULT-ure

Will all plant species become private property?

Garcia was an exceptional speaker, in her talk she mentioned that Monsanto has just bought Seminis, a Mexican company, that controls most of the world’s vegetables and fruit seeds.  A frightening fact!  Monsanto now has the power to withhold seeds and put out their own GM ones (don’t forget the “terminator seed”).   One thing is the control over oil, but control over  food is even scarier — perhaps we can survive without oil, but food?  

“….During the past 10 years, the film tells us, genetically engineered crops have infected our food supply and undermined cultivation methods that have been refined over thousands of years.

…The second, more figurative monoculture is developing as a result of consolidation in the food supply chain. Today only four clusters of seed companies provide seed to farmers around the world. In the last decade, this consolidation has started to happen in the retail sector too.

Within the next 10 years, one expert estimates, all retail food will come from six American firms. This level of corporate control means we’ll have virtually no choice about what’s on our store shelves….As another scientist in the film says, “Whoever controls the seed, controls the food.”

…Monsanto has also managed to install a revolving door between its corporate headquarters and most of the agencies in the U.S. government that regulate its products.

…Monsanto to prosecute farmers who end up with Monsanto plants that they didn’t sow contaminating crops on their own property. Just blowing in from a neighboring field is good enough for the company to drive onto thousands of farmers’ properties and demand a sample of whatever is growing in their fields.”   read more 


Yesterday, we had a load of oak tree mulch delivered and needed to park the biodiesel suburban on the street so that the load could be dumped in the driveway.   There was an incident… a freaky accident.  A driver lost control of his car ( a classic Chevy Caprice ) and the car went plowing alongside our suburban – taking out two tires, plus scraping off the entire running board and ruining the whole left lower body of the car (one of the passenger doors is stuck).  

The car (and our running board) finally stopped when it crashed into a fence approx 200 ft away across 4 lanes of cross traffic  It sounded like a backfire or a gunshot when it happened.   The cause?  The guy just took it out of a repair shop and “took it around the corner for a test drive,” the throttle was stuck and he couldn’t stop his classic, which he had invested $40,000  

Thankfully no one was hurt or killed, it could have been worse.  Hopefully it’s just body work that needs to be done and frame isn’t damaged.

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  1. Florence says:

    I hope you can recover the cost of your body work from insurance or from the repair shop!!

  2. dermot says:

    Glad to hear nobody was hurt – I hope the mechanic gets to pay everyone’s repair bills. The event was great, btw!

  3. Anais says:

    Thank you both for your comments and concern. Unfortunately, the motorist was uninsured…