“You made a difference in my life. You changed the way I think.”

– Student who came up to Farmer D afterward

From emails:

Please tell Jules that we loved having him, and were very impressed by everything he had to say. I know that our students left with much more knowledge, which will get them thinking about their personal everyday eating choices.  We greatly enjoyed and appreciated being a part of Jules’ passion for what he does. His influence will constantly guide us


I was blown away by your presentation yesterday and I feel almost obligated to help other students make the right choice by giving them the option to actually make a choice! Thank you again for taking the time to share what you have done with us


Farmer D made another visit to UCLA to talk about one of the most important issues of our time – food.   From the front lines: land and soil to seed diversity, corporate control of our food by Monsanto and finally food and nutrition.  You can hear the audio of the lecture here (he’s the last of two speakers)

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  1. Chris says:

    I was just talking to another organic gardener earlier today about Codex and mentioned to her that I would love to sit down with Jules for a few hours to hear what Jules’ take would be on all this. Then I read this post.

    Oh my Stars & Garters!!! I just finished listening to the audio lecture. Not sure it was the wisest thing to do just before bedtime. I’m up way past my bedtime and don’t think I drank enough OG chamomile tea while I was listening to the lecture … ay yi yi !!!

    Kudos to Jules for his call to action with the UCLA students! The message should be repeated to every American consumer …. “We Vote With Our Dollar”. I only wish any questions to Jules after his presentation were on the audio. I’m interested to know what the student reaction was afterwards. There was some new information I did not know (i.e. the shocking loss of seed diversity since the beginning of the 20th century vs. now [it’s HUGE!!!!!], Kashi is now owned by Kellogg’s [yikes]), and China buying up massive amounts of farmland in Africa to grow food to send back to China) to name just a few of the shocking facts Jules reported on in this lecture. Lord have mercy! These facts about modern day agriculture and the threat to food security make the Twilight Zone seem like Sesame Street. Many, if not most Americans, are in total darkness and being deceived by “Happy Cow” commercials. When we/they wake up out of our collective mass-produced, processed, fast food, Agri-coma, it isn’t going to be pretty. Like Jules says, do what you can with what you have. You have access to listen to this lecture (free!). Please take the time to listen to the audio lecture and pass this information on to family and friends.
    A very timely presentation with October being GMO Awareness Month. Again, KUDOS to Jules! BIG ^5 from Cape Cod!!!!

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