Ok, we aren’t done having fun!  This is what happens when you don’t have cable – uh, life!

First we had Fairlight modeling hats trying to drum up support, now we have her wielding the trusted tool of the urban homestead movement – a trowel (you can buy the very one here or here)  We’ll make sure Fairlight gets her commission off sales.

Goats are very curious creatures, they love interaction and they like to “feel” stuff with their mouths.  Lucky for us we got these goats and youngins and Jordanne was able to train them to “listen” (or should I say “understand”) a few commands. “No and Leave It!” are pretty much common place lingo around the urban homestead – too much tempting stuff I tell you!   Now, don’t me wrong, our goats are well behaved.  Sure they can be a little moody and mischievous at times but  thanks to the hours of training that Jordanne put in when they were just kids, our goats understand the commands alright so they pretty much leave the garden alone (we bring the greens n things to them) but that doesn’t stop them from exploring the wonderful world of the urban homestead.

They love new projects!

Fairlight finds a trowel in one of the buckets

Look Ma, no hands! I can help too!

Starting my very own Homegrown Revolution!

Oh, well. Guess nobody wants my help.

Poor lil Blackberry tries to get in on the action but her little mouth is no match for the handle…

Phhhht! Fairlight sticks her tongue out… “told you so!”

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Remember I said there’s like 40 plus photos in queue?  Well there’s plenty more funny farm photos and garden shots still to come.   Because there are so many, thinking about breaking it up into 4 post with about 10 or so pics.

Stay tuned.


  1. Audra says:

    Our goats enjoy helping around the farm here as well. They are always “taste testing” whatever they find sitting out. Our Son enjoys taking the kids for walks and showing them the edibles around the garden and sharing with them his favorites. We enjoy reading your Blog, keep up the good work! We also enjoy all the wonderful pictures, thank you so much for sharing them.

  2. Dave says:

    Our lil’ daisy loves to come into the house through the doggy door and eat any left over dog food or get on the kitchen table and poke around in the fruit bowls and such.

    Although yesterday she tipped over the sugar bowl and helped herself to a cube or two…

    Apparently, we were distracted with our new shipment of baby chicks…

    What can I say she’s a mess!

  3. Heidi says:

    I love it! I wish that I had worked a little harder at training my girls. They understand “no”, but are quite mischievous and often see this command as an invitation to play the “I bet you can’t make me stop doing what I’m doing” game. Our goat Ethel, who looks an awful lot like Lady Fairlight, is the worst offender.

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