More signs that spring is just around the corner! Our warm weather collection of seeds have emerged from their hideout and are ready for action. With the warm, summer-like weather, there’s no need to cover the seedlings with mini greenhouses, the weather is certainly warming the soil well enough. We received our seed order from one of our favorite seed catalogs, Baker Creek, and renewed our membership with Seed Saver’s Exchange.


Dervaes Nursery, Belgium

Jordanne won this vintage postcard from an European action site that’s similar to Ebay.   Jordanne is the history buff of the family, always doing research. Now thanks to the European auction sites is slowing obtaining bits and pieces of the family history. Unfortunately, today, the fabled Dervaes nursery is no longer there. Instead houses now line the rows were plants were grown and bred.   It’s hard to ignore such horticultural roots and gift of such love of plants, it runs thick as blood. I could see any one of us running a nursery once again, I think it would be nice to keep the legacy going.   I guess, we are in our own way, extending the legacy on a different level. 

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  1. gerry medland says:

    Hi Anais,
    Weather this side of the pond is erratic,we have much needed rain today though temperatures are still about -4-6c at night!Despite this I am as excited as you that Spring is around the corner!I look ahead with renewed optimism for this years journey on ‘the path’.Thank you so much for sharing your latest find of family history,it is fascinating to see how threads run through individual families,as far as I know my Mum was the ‘green fingers’ as she worked on a market garden during WW2,I get lots of encouragement from her.

  2. Anais says:

    Hi Gerry

    I love the old stories of WWII “victory gardens.” You must be very pround of your Mum.

    The weather is still warm. I was walking around barefoot in the yard and with a tank top! Wish you could send some rain our way. We keep prayin for some rain and soon.

    Happy, soon-to-be, Spring!