These days if you drop by the homestead, you’re likely to find purple stains on our hands, under fingernails and teeth – blame, if you will, the blackberries for this! No one’s complaining, that’s for sure!  Especially if blackberry cobbler is the culprit.

On Monday, we are planning a hiking “expedition” with a group of friends. Should be fun! 
We all are looking forward to some rest and relaxation this weekend.

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  1. christopher Brandow says:

    what variety are you using. Do they require full sun or can they tolerate shade? Lastly, can they be propagated from cuttings?


  2. Anais says:

    Hello Chris

    The type of blackberry is called “Tropical Blackberry” They aren’t found in any local nurseries that I know of. We happened to get a few from Exotica Nursery near San Diego.

    Be warned, these blackberries have huge thorns! Yet, it’s worth the throns because the plant produces massive size blackberries (and the vines don’t require much tending – virtually grows by itself).

    Our blackberries are sending suckers out, so you could propogate those. We have them planted along the sunny fence line with our neighbors.