First it was corn then soy, rice, cotton, wheat but now GM is entering the world of backyard veggies crops.  The first to be introduce is BT Brinjal (otherwise know as Eggplant)

On the front lines of this GM veggie invasion is India

There’s a fierce battle brewing as they fight to not be the “lab rats” of this latest tapering with the DNA makeup of seeds.

Will this Franken veg enter their food supply and what implications does this have on the rest of the world?

Scary stuff.

What You Can Do

Save your own seeds!

The survival of the food supply is depending on us to stand up against the giant M.

Here at LHITC we’ve talked countless times about seed sovereignty issues and saving seeds.

If you have to buy seeds look for sources (like our own that sell organic non gmo and non Monsanto owned.  Just because a seed source is gmo free doesn’t mean that Monsanto doesn’t own the rights to the seed.

I know it’s confusing, so check out DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR SEEDS COME FROM

A few years back when we realized that Monsanto took over one of the biggest supplier of veggies seeds in the nation, we were on a mission to track down the 3,000 or so vegetable varieties (check out list here) and faze these corporate own seeds out here in the garden on the urban homestead.

This year, thanks to we can proudly say that our garden is almost completely free of Monsanto owned seeds.

So when you are drooling over photos of the harvest and garden (like in the previous entry) you can get yer own at now is the time to plant greens, broccoli, turnips, radishes, cabbage and peas!

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  1. FQKdk4EobE1y says:

    Yeah, gmo foods are bad. Even on the smallest chcnae that GMOs are safe for consuming (which i do not think they are at all for anything), they are terrible for the environment and the future. The herbcides sprayed on the crops decrease bug populations because they get killed, and they go into water and kill fish, and tons of other harm. Also, buying GMOs supports Monsanto. Monsanto puts little family farmers out of business by suing them for stealing their genes and planting them? or something like that. Basically the GMO crops contaminate small farmers crops, and they then can’t reproduce because GMO crops have to have a gene inserted into every seed, every reproduction. They didn’t talk about the environment in the video much.

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