Final results are in!
*Even with less than 3 inches of rainfall, extreme temperature fluxes (1 week of below freezing temperatures in January) along with 5 months of disruption house construction with all that and more, we were able to harvest nearly a little over 5,700 lbs (on 1/10 acre). I find this year’s tally simply amazing since I know our garden efforts were severely effected. What’s even more incredible is the diversity of edibles – we aren’t just growing one “heavyweight” crop (like huge pumpkins). And we didn’t even try – meaning there wasn’t a focused growing/harvesting effort since the year was so messed up.

It’s certainly been an exciting week! Closing out the old year and ringing in the new with some pretty darned exciting projects and challenges. Not to mention lots of pics and posts this week. Hope you’ve been enjoying them as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing. We still aren’t finished with all the surprises yet. We’ll be dribbling out all our other exciting wip (work in projess) projects and details in future posts — so stay tuned for “Project #2.”

Hey, readers keep those positive comments (and votes!) coming. We appreciate your input and support – you give us the inspiration to press on. Thanks for making PTF’s site such a important stop in your daily lives.

Happy new year everyone. Oh, I haven’t forgotten those of you who posted comments…. answers will be posted, stay tuned!

Bantam Golden Laced Rooster ( about 6 weeks old)

All Grown Up

Raising a bunch of banties this year, we expected a percentage to be roosters, so we had to find homes for quite a lot of roosters in Spring. One of our special bantie chicks (shown above) whom we saved from apparent death by giving it “vodka” has grown from a wheezy then woozy little chick into a beautiful and cocky rooster. Check him out at his wonderful new home. His new owners (Jim & Peg) have aptly named him ‘Boris Major’ and he seems to be settling in nicely at his new home surrounded by all those gorgeous knock outs — er hens

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