The Good Food Swap

The idea behind the swap, which marks the tenth birthday of Growing Communities, is simple – participants turn up with food they’ve made, grown, picked or even bought, register it and are given a number to wear. The food is put on display, like an “urban village fete”, says Rankin. And then – this is where the competition comes in – everyone wanders around with a pad and pencil, noting down what they like the look of.

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A few years back PTF was first to conceive and host a 100 Mile Community Potluck here in Los Angeles.  Now, we are seeing other local organizations have followed our lead — every one’s doing it!

This year we are growing forth and setting a new trend.

Remember this Sunday (Sept 14th), Freedom Gardeners are encouraged to participate in this community event by bringing crops, seeds and whatever homemade to swap.

Let’s swap!

On a technical note about the Freedom Garden website: we will be adding some cool features in the next few weeks.  One will allow FGers to connect and meetup to share and swap.  Stay tuned.

FreedomGardens.org is nearing it’s 1,000 member!   Thank you all for spreading the words, let’s keep this revolution growing!

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