1. SWAP N MEET THIS SATURDAY | Little Homestead in the City « Swapo says:

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  2. LaVonne says:

    It was wonderful to meet you all at last! Sorry I wasn’t up to staying for the film; haven’t been feeling too good lately. One of these days, I hope to come up for one of your get-togethers at the ‘ranch.’ Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration for so many!

  3. Beany says:

    I’m so glad I met the four of your and spoke to you. You’ve inspired me and my husband in more ways than I can count. While I just don’t have the space to grow anything (except a few herbs), I’m following your other leads in preserving food purchased locally from the farmers’ market, avoiding consumer goods and instead purchasing used, and living a life that is kinder to the earth.

  4. Diane says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed talking and eating with all of you on Saturday! Your wonderful family’s commitment to sustainability inspires me to do so much more with my own “urban homestead”. I have been shopping at my local farmers’ market since it first opened in the mid eighties and when my husband and I lived in a small apartment 23 years ago, we participated in one of the first community gardens in our area. Now, we are fortunate enough to have our own yard and garden and seeing your video and meeting you, makes me want to do so much more. I plan to come to one of your “pizza” nights in the very near future. Thank you for coming to San Diego and sharing your lifestyle and ideas with us!

  5. Mary Hysong says:

    mmmm those beets sure look yummy~mine are all long gone ;-( congrats on the win, keep up the great work! hugs & blessings to you all.

  6. Cena says:

    Just wanted to say thank you and may God bless your family for the encouragement you bring to our lives. I’m planting, watering and mulching everyday now. You inspire.

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