RISE- The California Earth Project=

PTF reaches another level bringing in bringing about their Homegrown Revolution™to the people….

This August the artistically talented and socially conscious Eveoke Dance Theater features PTF in their performance in San Diego. Their dance,  ‘backwards one step at a time’ was inspired by a statement made by Jules Dervaes on his belief that taking a step back away from the insane rat race is progress towards becoming a better steward of our home, earth.   It’s time that we each RISE up and take a step towards a more sustainable present and future.

Dance Review

Gina Angelique’s new documentary in dance shares the story of how she learned to walk–dance–backward one step at a time. Seeking to unravel the messy web of links that tangle and keep us wrapped up in life-long unsustainable practices, she interviewed environmental heroes from all over the state of California who offer us a glimpse of the leadership and self-fortitude required to rise.

RISE is a docudance that takes us on a multimedia journey through California’s most beautiful and vulnerable places. It is a dance about environmental heroes who rise to protect our natural resources from exploitation, abuse, and neglect. RISE features more than 14 interviews with activists who hold a vision of sustainable living: each person interviewed has taken direct mitigating action in the face of environmental crises. Their compelling stories show each of us our own ability to ‘rise’ and meet the environmental challenges of the 21 st century. RISE shows that the health of our earth is inseparable from our own health and wellbeing. Mapping the body of ‘mother earth’ onto the bodies of the Eveoke dancers, RISE connects dance and nature. RISE specifically addresses: energy debates including the Sunrise Powerlink proposal, air quality and asthma in Long Beach and National City, nuclear waste disposal in Needles, logging in the Sequoia and Headwaters Forests, andwilderness protection in the Algodones Dunes. Interviews showcase environmentalists in San Diego, including Kelly Fuller of Alpine and Diane Conklin of Ramona, who advocate for alternative energy solutions to counter the installation of the Sunrise Powerlink—a project which would allow Sempra to permanently change the boundaries of Anza Borrego State Park. Statewide interviews include Karen Schambach, director of Employees for EnvironmentalResponsibility in Georgetown, California, who led a victory for wilderness protection in 2003: the federal court upheld an offroad vehicle ban in the Algodones Dunes, saving several species of endangered plants and animals. Except three, all of the interviewees are women activists: RISE tells the story of how Elina Green, Executive Director of the Long Beach Alliance Against Asthma, has spearheaded efforts to influence legislation to protect local children from the dangers of air pollution (as plans for Long Beach’s Port expansion encroached on nearby schools). RISE features interviews with Carla Cloer in Porterville and Naomi Steinberg in Carlotta who filed several lawsuits to protect old growth Redwoods in California’s national forests, bringing into popular consciousness the activism of Juli Bari and Julia Butterfly Hill. Angelique gives a portrait of sustainable living through interviews with the Dervaes family of organic farmers in Pasadena, who grow their own food, make and use biodiesel fuel, use solar panels for energy, and collect rainwater, and encourage others to do the same. Music selections, interspersed with Angelique’s journal reflections and the voices of the interviewees, include Metamorphoses/Piano Solos by Philip Glass and Rivers and Tides by Fred Frith. RISE is Eveoke’s fourth documentary dance (following Mothers, Women Rebels, and Hips). The creation and production of RISE was made possible in part by funding received from the Dance: Creation to Performance program, funded by The James Irvine Foundation and administered by Dance/USA. This project was funded in part by Mary Lou Lo Preste and by a grant from the Colonel Frank C. Wood Memorial Fund of The San Diego Foundation. Production underwriters include the Jacquelyn the Richard Earnest Fund at The San Diego Foundation and Danah Fayman.

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On Friday, August 10, Jules Dervaes will be at opening night reception….come down and meet head eco pioneer of PTF.