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Sunday we’ll be hitching up our wagon (biodiesel running suburban) and sharing our sustainable journey at SUSTAINABLE LA from 12pm – 6pm (full event details)

Jules Dervaes (Farmer D) will be a part of a panel moderated by Russ Parsons, food columnist for the Los Angeles Times

Wherever he has called home, Jules Dervaes has always planted a vegetable garden. But the small, organic garden he has grown for more than 15 years yields such a huge annual harvest as to have revolutionized urban agriculture, showing it is possible to eat well and earn an income from the land–at his ordinary residence in Pasadena.

Starting in the mid 1980’s, the Dervaes family has through hard work and effort transformed our ordinary city lot into a viable urban homestead. Where not only grow over 90% of our produce, but have citified farm animal, brew our own fuel and incorporate many alternative energy, waste and water reclamation practices, and appropriate technologies.

Urban homesteaders are individuals who are striving to live an low impact, self sufficient life in the modern city environment.

In 2001, they started sharing their urban homesteading adventures online at and

These sites have been at the forefront to the revival of the modern urban homesteading movement. Offering resources, first hand accounts and inspiration for a 21st century self sufficient life.

Sharing the Path

If you would like PTF to be at one of your community events to speak, give a power point presentation or table.  Contact us at info(at)pathtofreedom(dot)com   We have a slew of great power point presentations and can speak on any array of subjects from growing your own food, sustainable living and more.

We’ve been asked back!

This week Westridge High School and UCLA wrote wanting PTF to speak again this fall semester!

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