We’ve finally got around to uploading the results of the Peak Oil Survey that we posted back in August.   What was curious to note most about the results was that the “older folks” (over 40) answered more radically than the “younger folks” (under 30).    We haven’t done that comparison chart yet, but that’s what we are seeing as we compile the stats.  

On a side note:  I was aware that at Sierra Summit, we (my sister and I) were the youngest in the audience at certain film screenings/discussion. Perhaps many of them were just a few miles down the road at Golden Gate park partying at the Power to the Peaceful event? Don’t blame ’em because it was free!

The two “highest” scores (50 pts) came from fellow kinsmens — New Zealanders. Yea Kiwis.

Here are the 10 questions and here are the graph results and comments that people had to share (take time to read these thought-provoking comments)

Here’s one (there were many ) of our favorite and inspiring comments:

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for the example that you are setting. It is absolutely amazing what you have accomplished on such a small piece of property! As your wonderful family has demonstrated, the key to solving our energy/resource issues lie in modifying our culture and our behaviors! We can do this with our existing technologies.  Unfortunately, we are employing our current technologies in the most gluttonous manner imaginable. The solution lies in changing perceptions about consumption. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where people attain social status by their patterns of consumption. In order to become sustainable, we need a society where frugality and efficiency are the drivers of social status. Otherwise we are doomed for more of the same… We need to generate the correct “memes” in order to initiate change. By the way, your project has had a huge impact on me! My family did essentially the same thing that you are doing back in the seventies on a half acre in the city. I’m a generation X’r that grew up on goat’s milk and free range chickens. My mom even had a goat boarding business right in the city! Your webpage has inspired me to leave corporate America and get back to my roots. It is amazing what 6 months of not being a wage slave can do for your spirit! I’ve taken the plunge and I’m now working on converting my own little half acre in the city into a semi-self sufficient homestead. I’m not going to “run for the hills” if peak oil hits. There is too much of the Y2K mentality associated with peak oil. When people talk about preparing, they talk about hording and competing for the remaining resources. That’s the zero sum mentality that is causing the problem in first place! We need to focus on sharing and Nash equilibrium type solutions to our problems that create win win propositions. (No this is not naive!) I’m going to stay where am at and share what little knowledge and resources I have. Sharing gives you synergy, strength and builds kinship with the people that you are doing the sharing with! I want to set an example too! 🙂 Wish me luck. I have a such a long way to go and so much to learn about “living my beliefs”. Thanks to your entire family for having the integrity to live yours.   ~ Herb in Phoenix, Arizona ~

Wishing you all the best in your journey Herb, thank you and everyone for their thought provoking and encouraging comments — we are the change, one step at a time.   It’s clear that the future is now, the choice is ours.

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  1. JBB says:

    That is an amazing letter! During the discouraging times, I hope you come back to read it again.