With nearly 400 request for the 2009 Freedom Seed list and just a couple handfuls of orders, we figured this dilemma called for a seed survey.  Yes I am on the seed bend again and will till all the seeds are sold – that’s my mission and I am sticking to it.

Thanks to those of you who took time to answer a few questions.   We appreciate your positive comments and helpful suggestions.

Though many said that they had placed their orders already, I still am hopeful we can sell seeds to those who haven’t already placed their orders this year.  Of course,  many of you said descriptions would be nice and that’s coming with the launch of the FS website.  Jordanne tells me the launch is about a week or two away.   We are trying our best with what we have to work with here.  We are juggling lots of balls in the air and trying to keep them there,  so please bear with us.

A few said that the seeds were expensive and I would like to take time to put that argument into clearer perspective.

You see Freedom Seeds is not just another seed company, it’s more than that — it’s a movement.

Freedom Seeds supports the cultivation of people. It’s not about what sort of seeds that you sow  in your garden either.  It’s about sowing hope and inspiration.

So, if you are spending hours enjoying (free) our sister site Freedom Gardens, or enjoying reading the journal entries here at Little Homestead in the City, that extra 25 cents per pack pays for your use of the site in web hosting fees (which is growing by the day – in fact,  we have to move to a larger server!)

Or, if you are waiting to be active in Freedom Gardens because “the site’s still in development” or frustrated over all the glitches and bugs– the faster we can make improvements and upgrades depends on support from you – which we hope to earn by seed sales.  Imagine if all the FGers members (over 2,900) spent just $10 on seeds.  We could do some incredible site upgrades and add more features with that kind of support.

Actually, if you ordered 17 packets ($50 worth of seeds) you get one packet free and that comes out to only 8 cents extra per packet (price comparison to SSE).   That’s mere sofa change.   A few pennies (change) for cultivating change is not a bad trade off, don’t you think?

So there.  I hopefully put that price argument into a more rational perspective on what we hope to accomplish with Freedom Seeds

Also on the seed front, we needed to make a seed pack table display – cheap.

One night Farmer D happened on an old wood desk on the side of the road.   He brought home the well made drawers and then went about cutting some wooden dividers and carboard squares.  Next thing you know, voila – a seed display for cheap!


  1. Shirley says:

    My brain isn’t working too well yet, still drinking my coffee, so please forgive me. I had also bought most of my seed prior to the Freedom Seed list coming out. However I also bought some Freedom Seed and am planting it.

    As for price, $3 per packet is very little for the assurance that everything humanly possible has been done to provide SAFE seed that will not genectically modify the eater of the harvest. (Yes, GE food produces insecticidal genes in the eater) Seed that will not support the most prominent causers of disease in our time. Seed that will nourish my loved ones.

    I hope you stick with it until next rear. You will receive my first order and only what coouldn’t be gotten from you will be ordered from another trusted company. At this moment there are only two companies I trust, you and another who actually tests samples of it’s seed and will not sell even heirlooms that test positive.

    Thankfully many people live further north than me and may still need to order seed. It’s pretty hard to get much further south than me in the USA. Then also, Freedom Seed will likely have seed orders from other countries as well.

  2. Maureen says:

    I have no problem with the prices….and trust me, normally I’m the cheapest person around (ask my kids) but like Shirley (1st comment) the assurance of safe seeds is worth the price. Plus, we have benefited SO much from your website and we absolutely want to support what you are doing.

    We will only be putting in a small order because, like so many others, we had already bought our seeds for the summer. But come fall…..

  3. Judy says:

    I also agree with Maureen and Shirley above 🙂 I’ll pay a bit more for seeds that I know I can trust are Non-Monsanto…. to me it’s worth it by far!

    I had already placed my seed orders for this year but I went ahead and ordered additional seed (different varieties) from FS too. I also followed Chicot’s Run and had a little contest for 2 packs of free FS packets on my blog. It’s just so important to me to promote the Dervaes’ efforts with Freedom Seeds.

    Your blog is so informative and a daily stop for me when I get online. The Freedom Gardens site is awesome! I can’t wait to see the new Freedom Seeds site when you have it up and running.

    For those of you who have not yet requested the Freedom Seed listing, do it now 🙂 I have already ordered and already received my seeds in the mail! The Dervaes ship orders from Freedom Seeds and from Peddlers Wagon very promptly.

  4. Kory says:

    For me your catalog came after I had placed my orders with other companies, there were a few things I was interested in, but I don’t have the space available. I do intent on growing with freedom seeds in the future.

  5. KayleighJeanne says:

    I had forgotten all about the survey, it was languishing in my inbox. I will be putting in a small order once the site is up.

  6. sarah says:

    I am not sure if NZ customs will allow me to get seeds sent from US. I would love to order your seeds otherwise…I shall definately check what rules are…

  7. Sarah DiPier says:

    I put my order in the mail today! Can’t wait! Thank you so much for doing this.

  8. arvind says:

    Unfortunately here in Israel seeds won’t get through customs . I was made to get rid of all seed I brought from India at the airport , even spices like coriander which were not powdered .

  9. Andrea says:

    Is it absolutely pathetic of me to ask for another list? I have already ordered most of my seeds when I received your initial mailing, but just realized I neglected to order any run-of-the-mill bell peppers. I’d truly appreciate it.

    I think the prices are pretty much on par with any other quality seeds. I think what may be a bit daunting, especially to newbs, is the lack of descriptions. If you don’t know what you want or need, and you don’t know what the particular varieties are like, it would be so much easier to turn to a pretty, glossy catalog. I’ve gardened for a while and still found it intimidating. Just saying.

    But anywho, if you wouldn’t mind shooting me another list, I’d love to order some peppers and maybe a tomato or two.

  10. PO in Ohio says:

    I ordered from you and your seeds arrived promptly and had a far greater quantity than the seeds I purchased locally. I also ordered from a couple of other firms (sorry you don’t have quiona seeds) and I am still waiting a month and 4 phone calls later for these seeds to arrive. Your service outperforms the other big companies a million times over!! By the way thank you for the flier. I posted it where I can see it as inspiration as I work on my garden!!

  11. Stacy says:

    Next year, when this ^(%$ PhD of hubby’s is done, I swear!


  12. Eain says:

    “seed that will not genectically modify the eater of the harvest. (Yes, GE food produces insecticidal genes in the eater)”

    I’m sorry, but you are incorrect. GE food does NOT change the genetic makeup of whoever eats it. That would require technology that we just don’t possess.

  13. Debbie says:

    My order was small, due to already having purchased most of my seeds, but you can count on me for future orders. I deeply appreciate your passion and work. Your website provides information, of course, but mostly I gain inspiration and a feeling of community as I work in my own little piece/and peace of the earth in my San Diego backyard.

  14. Meg says:

    Seeds just arrived…thanks again for selling these! Like the previous commentors, I think the price is right on par with what I am paying elsewhere & the service and speed of shipment were great. I also trust you guys to select seeds from good quality sources. I can’t wait until it’s time to plant….we’re having a freak warm day today (40s and 50s and thunderstorms predicted….there goes all that snow!) and it’s making me want to garden like crazy.

  15. jen dehart says:

    I never received my seed list..sadly.
    I will try again next year to purchase from you…

  16. Chiot's Run says:

    I also had ordered many of my seeds already and I wanted some varities you didn’t offer. I like others would have liked descriptions, but in this computer age I can just google it and find one elswhere.

    I don’t think the prices were bad at all, considering what the money is going for. But once you make the switch to buy local or small business items as much as possible you get used to paying a bit more for everything.

    I’m looking forward to receiving my seeds and sending them out to the winners from my blog contest.

  17. Jan says:

    Like many others I ordered my seeds previously before the FS list came out. I did however order a few seeds from FS and expect you will get my order in a day or two. Next year I have already made plans to order my seeds strictly through Freedom Seeds.
    Thanks for all the hard work you all do for these great sites!!

  18. Susanna says:

    I recieved my seeds just 3 days after I faxed my order. I’m SO glad you decided to start selling seeds. I am a gardening newbie, and was pretty lost about finding non monsanto owned companies. I did wish for more description/seed info, but it was pretty easy to do online, and I don’t think the prices were at all unreasonable. Would you consider fruits/berries next year?

  19. Debbie says:

    Got my order today! Thanks for your prompt service!

  20. petra says:

    i put in my order last friday. looking forward to them arriving.

    I myself did not find it awefully hard to look for the description of the seeds. i too was not familiar with some of the varieties and used my
    Bakers Creek and Seed savers catalog to help out with that. Ordered from you what you had (your lettuce has quite a few more seeds in it than seed savers so that is actually quite a savings) and the rest from the two others. Simple as that. I too feel it’s important to support those who support us (which you do with all your great information). Now i am wondering when you will come out with a book that will help us create a little back yard garden like yours.
    Also you might want to advertise the i stumbled over it on your site and put up the search bar. i order from landsend and amazon quite often (we now live in Germany and this is our link to US products) and with that can make sure you get a little bit of what i spent. i had done it earlier had i known.

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