The goats don’t seem to mind the hot & dry temperature.  In fact, they LOVE lounging in the sun during the day in what we like to call their “goat yoga” poises.

Since winter decided to up and dissappear on us, I was commenting to Jordanne the other day, while I was sitting there giving Fairlight a good scratching, that the goats didn’t seem to even grow a winter coat this year.  Jordanne said that she noticed that too.  I mean the goats have absolutely NO noticeable furry undercoat they normally have at this time of year.    Very weird. 

Did they somehow know that this winter would be a warmer than normal?  I wonder.  Leave it to the animals and plants to figure out mother nature’s crazy out of whack cycle.


  1. Stacy says:

    Sadly, my cats DID put on their winter undercoats, so now I’m finding it shed all over my furniture, if not being regurgitated onto my floors. Le sigh.

  2. altadenahiker says:

    Winter coats are based on day-length/light, rather than temperature. Show horses, for example, are put under artificial lights to inhibit their winter coat.

  3. Lori from Michigan says:

    Aww, look at adorable Blackberry nodding off. These goat pics will make my daughter’s day!

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