We are once again on the roller coaster weather ride. Last week it was cold, dreary and this week an unusual spring heat wave is bringing intense heat and hot temps to the LA area. The extreme flux in temperatures are leaving people and plants a bit confused – it’s like nature can’t make up her mind. Can’t remember when the weather has been this wacky – ever!

Saturday was the C.I.C.L.E bike event held in Old Town Pasadena. We saddled up the Xtracycle and Burley Bike trailer and rode on over to join other bike enthusiast for a day long celebration. It was great to see how the event had grown (taking over DeLacy – next year Colorado!) but unfortunately crowds were sparse because of the extreme triple digit temps. Thanks to all the hearty souls who turned out to support this event.

PTF table display – sharing sustainable inspiration to passerby

Pizza goes into the solar oven for lunchtime

Sun cooked pizza

After pizza in go some homemade cookies for dessert

Getting re-acquainted

Thanks Liz & Shay for all your hard work and efforts, it was once again great to be a part of such wonderful community event.

Besides Saturday being a typical outreach sort of day, an old acquaintance of Farmer D from his VISTA days came in town to visit – reconnecting after 40 years. That was pretty special.

We ended the day with our monthly social gathering. Thanks everyone for once again bringing such delicious food (and desserts!) Great to see “old” and some new faces this time around.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: NL $50, C&KS $25 You support is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Wendy says:

    I keep looking at your solar oven and I keep thinking to myself, gotta get one of those made for myself. It would sure make cooking a lot nicer in this warm weather. You guys are so inspiring, I wish there were people around me that are doing these things but this is just as good if not better because I can visit you anytime here on the site. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. We have a new addition to our little homestead. Our doe Nuisence ( she is Nubian/Alpine mix ) has given birth to a little Mini Nubian buck. We have named him Zander. I just love babies.

    Wendy in Nova Scotia

  2. Sully Carter says:

    I know its been sooo hot! It must be even worse in Pasadena. (In in Bentwood/Palisades area) Hope all is well!

  3. Reid Yamamoto says:

    Jules and family,
    just viewed the picture of reunion, after 40 years, of VISTA Volunteers. Lives have been and continue to be lived as they are, and should be.

    Jules, your children’s generation has been provided a hand of cards we have dealt through our life styles and “progress” of a society. There is much to appreciate, much to continue and much to work with to change. Much respect to all of you for your convictions, you actions based on those values, and your daily lives.


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